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Apr 11

Rado Sintra Skeleton Automatic

The successful and highly appreciated Sintra collection by Rado now has a new sophisticated member – the new Sintra Skeleton Automatic.

It is the first watch in the Sintra collection that features a custom-made skeleton movement. This special movement is exclusively developed for Rado and has a COSC certificate. Built all in black, the impressive movement is a delight for the eyes of watch lovers, but besides its beauty, the Swiss made movement is highly precise. Several parts of the skeleton movement are highlighted in gold, sharply contrasting to the black matte metallization.


High-tech ceramics is used for crafting the case and bracelet. Being hypoallergenic, light-weight and highly resistant to thermal shock, the ceramic case offers the ultimate comfort. The barrel shaped case and bracelet are a fusion of endless curves and lines, giving you the impression they are a perfect whole.
Protected by the metalized sapphire crystal, the intriguing dial features a curved aperture with gold indexes and hands. The case-back is also made in sapphire crystal and offers a clear view to the splendid anchor-shaped movement.

In terms of color, the case and the bracelet are all back, while the movement presents black bridges and gold-tones segments. Because of the synthetic ruby stones in the movement, the watch is given also a dash of red color.

The Rado Sintra Skeleton Automatic watch is limited to just 111 pieces and is undoubtedly a proof of ultimate luxury.

Rado Sintra Skeleton Automatic – Technical Perfection and Ultimate Luxury Gallery

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