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Jan 13

Rado Sintra Gold Jubilee

        Rooted in the 1917’s, Rado is a well known Swiss watch-making brand, headquartered in Lengnau, that initially produced only watch movements, and just in the 1957 released its first, widely appreciated watch collection.

        Nevertheless among the watch connoisseurs worldwide Rado is a name that will remain embedded in the history of the Haute Horology as the watchmaker that created the very first scratch-proof timepiece: the Rado Diastar. Through the years this brand created a large variety of timepieces crafted from highly innovative materials, and ever since it never ceased to be a pioneer in the field of high-tech materials and remarkably contemporary design.


         Defined by fluid lines, the barrel-shaped timekeeping companion outstands through a dazzling harmony of textures and symmetries highlighted by the sophisticated ceramic finish.

        The new Rado Sintra Gold Jubilee features the brand’s iconic Sintra case-shape, furthermore majestically completed by a stunningly brilliant bracelet and winding crown that due to a metalized, tone-on-tone high-tech sapphire crystal provides an amazing golden reflection of the sun light.

         The barrel-shaped case of the new Rado Sintra Gold Jubilee, forms a continuous supple silhouette with ceramic bracelet; the watch features an emphasized dial shielded by a square sapphire crystal, metalized through a sophisticated technological process; moreover the clean minimalist dial features four diamond hour indexes, positioned at 9, respectively 3 o’clock and two at 12 o’clock in order to balance the large date aperture positioned at 6 o’clock.


        Manufactured from a material unique in the world, the golden ceramic, the new Rado Sintra Gold Jubilee surprises through a delicate permanent glitter, obtained after many years of scientific research. The material gently shines, reflecting the sunlight upon the wrist interestingly merging elegant simplicity and eye-catching sensuality.

        The remarkable Rado Sintra Gold Jubilee accommodates a quartz ETA movement that confers the model immaculate timekeeping accuracy; moreover the watch is defined by ultimate comfort and aesthetical perfection.

        Available in four dimensions, from S to XXL, the timepiece was designed to bring a plus of sophistication and refinement to a lady’s wrist and comes for an approximate price around $3,000.00.

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