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Jul 25

Rado eSenza Watch Line

       A famous luxury watch-making brand, Rado was launched at the beginning of the 20th century as a watch-movements manufacturer, but it exceeded its initial purpose, and a half a century later, in the 50s, it became a renowned watch-producer, associated with refined aesthetics, innovative materials and immaculate timekeeping accuracy.

       Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that, during the 80s, the brand introduced the, now widely spread use of ceramics, in the horological industry and that Rado is first watch-making brand ever to use sapphire crystal and to create a scratch-resistant timepiece.

       Now, one of the most respected members of the fine watch-making industry, Rado never ceased to impress watch-collectors worldwide, through continually innovating shapes and textures, and through bringing to a demanding clientele sophisticated new watch-lines, such as the remarkable new Rado eSenza Collection we are going to present to you in the following article.

       The timepieces of the Rado eSenza Collection were created in a minimalist unisex style, emanating class and refinement; they were performed in “S” and “L” sizes (measuring 29 mm in diameter, respectively 41 mm in diameter). Suited for a refined woman and for a contemporary man, the timepieces feature an oval, ceramic or stainless steel case, also available with yellow gold finish; the watches’ case can incorporate a diamond-set bezel (decorated with the seductive glow of 52, respectively 44 white diamonds, the small variation). Furthermore, the cases incorporate a delicate winding-crown and ensure 30-meters water resistance.

       Depending on the diamond decorations, timepieces of the Rado eSenza Collection were divided in two categories – eSenza (without diamonds) and eSenza Jubile (decorated with diamonds). The timepieces dials are all black, with central hour and minute’s hands, along the brand’s signature located beneath the 12 o’clock position, and variably- no indices, sunray linear indices or 4 diamond hour markers.

       Furthermore, the stylish timepieces of the Rado eSenza Collection are animated by high quality, quartz movements, which confer optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability, and are secured to the wrist with genuine leather straps, also performed in a couple of finish touches.

       Especially created to meet the needs of a stylish modern person, keen on urban life-style, and fashionable accessories, the beautiful Rado eSenza Collection comprises delightful timepieces, in a variety, which can satisfy the brand’s pickiest customer. As far as the price tag is concerned, the timepieces start somewhere $700.00 up to over $3,000.00 for a diamond set model.

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