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Jul 28

Rado Ceramica Jubilé Diamond Paved

       Launched in 1917, initially, Rado was created as a watch movement’s manufacturer, however, the brand gradually evolved into a genuine watch-making brand in 1957, when it introduced the very first watch collection, released under the Rado trademark.

       Through the years, the brand excelled through continually innovating shapes and textures, through upgrading materials and introducing new horological concepts, highly appreciated by the watch-collectors worldwide. It will surely not be a surprise, for a true watch connoisseur, to hear that Rado is the very first watch-making brand in the world to produce a scratch-resistant wristwatch, and the brand that created the widely used sapphire crystal.

       Nevertheless, the brand is also known for pushing forward the known limits of horological innovation, and for creating superb horological masterpieces, which combine mechanical sophistication and powerful contemporary aesthetics such as the brand’s new Rado Ceramica Jubile Diamond Paved Watches we are going to present to you in the following article- the Rado Ceramica Jubile 161.0838.3.030 and 161.0718.3.070.

       Comprising a couple variations, the new Rado Ceramica Jubile watch line is defined by sleek stylish lines and, minimalist luxury; it features classy timepieces crafted from high-tech ceramics and embellished with the seductive glow of precious stones, such as black or white diamonds, and orange or yellow sapphires.

       The timepieces feature a square, black or platinum-hued, ceramic case, with a nice satin-polished finish, which incorporate a matching ceramic bracelet, manufactured from the same material. Furthermore, the cases are available in a XL-size, in order to also match a gentleman’s wrist, as well as the delicate wrist of a lady.

       As far as the dials are concerned, the amazing Rado Ceramica Jubile Watch Line features two variations entirely paved with diamonds – the superb Rado Ceramica Jubile 161.0838.3.030 watch, paved with 414 white diamonds, which gently glow against the watch platinum-colored ceramic case, and the beautiful Rado Ceramica Jubile 161.0718.3.070 watch performed in black ceramic and paved with 414 black diamonds. These two models display central hours and minutes functions and a small round date aperture located at 6 o’clock position.

       Furthermore, just as all the models of the collection, the new Rado Ceramica Jubile Diamond Paved Watches are animated by high-quality Quartz movements, which confer immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

       It is worth mentioning that the Rado Ceramica Jubile watch line also features chronograph models adorned with diamonds, and orange and yellow sapphires as well as a more simple variation adorned with just 4 diamonds, and the price will surely vary depending on the number of precious stones starting around $1,000.00 up to $22,500.00.

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