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Jan 27

Rado Ceramica Chronograph Limited Edition Collection

        Basically created in 1917 as a watch movement’s manufacturer, headquartered in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado soon became a renowned watch-making powerhouse, after it released a much appreciated collection in 1957, and remained famous in the elitist world of the Haute Horology as the very first watchmaker who created scratch-proof timepieces- the Rado Diastar watch Line.

        Moreover the brand acquired a well grounded international reputation due to continually improving the shapes and textures of its timepieces and due to rising, every time around the elevated standards of quality and precision. Rado has always been a pioneer when it comes to high-tech materials being the first brand that used sapphire crystal and also the creator of the most resistant timepiece in the world- the diamond coated V10K Watch.

        Fateful to its tradition of audacious innovation and renewal, the brand released another outstanding collection: the new Rado Ceramic watch Line comprising charismatic new models entirely manufactured from ceramic, and designed by a prestigious designer, Jasper Morrison known for its both contemporary and extremely functional approach to design.

        The New Rado Ceramica collection reunites models that pay a great tribute to the historically important black and gold Rado watches; nevertheless the new watches were manufactured in 5-tone color range from white to pink gold, every tone commemorating a decade of Rado successful history.

        The five individually colored models of the Rado Ceramica Chronographs Collection are going to be manufactured in a very limited edition of only 10 timepieces each. Defined both by bold contemporary design and by mechanical sophistication, the timepieces reveal upgraded dials and rethought proportions, both of the counters and the repositioned date aperture that are moreover crafted from gold as the other subtle details of the dial. The date aperture is positioned at 4 o’clock, and the distinctive graphic nature of the timepiece is accented by the watch’s minute indexes that build a rounded square near the dial’s corners.

        The fluid architecture of the case ingeniously incorporates the chronograph pushers that are integrated in the profile of the watch; furthermore the matching golden crown outstands through refinement and eye-pleasing distinction; the case’s ceramic is remarkable through matt and deep color that makes an outstanding contrast with the radiant gold and seductive crystal brilliance.

        A timepiece designed for self-assertive powerful individuals, keen on mechanical sophistication and contemporary design, the new Rado Ceramica Chronographs Collection is available for an approximate price of $1,600.00.

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