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Jun 21

Shiny Pebbles Spring Dragonfly SHP30007ACI1-001

       Headquartered in Valle de Joux, Switzerland, Pierre DeRoche is a prestigious watch-making powerhouse, well known among the enthusiast watch collectors worldwide, for manufacturing superb wristwatches of immeasurable value, highly appreciated by the watch experts as well as by the brand’s demanding clientele.

       However, Pierre DeRoche also built a well-grounded reputation of watch-making expertise and mastery, and cultivated a highly personal life-guiding philosophy, diametrically opposed to industrial production, and a true watch-connoisseur will surely know that the brand is notorious for creating exceptional limited editions, and that it never exceeded a yearly production of 100 models.

       Nevertheless, although Pierre DeRoche created countless exceptional timepieces characterized by high-end meticulous finish and sophisticated horological complications, designed to meet the needs of a charismatic modern man, the brand dedicated a lot of time and research satisfying the sophisticated modern ladies, and brought to life superb models which merge the watch-making know-how with the jeweler’s mastery.


       Maybe the perfect intertwinement between a classy accessory and a reliable timekeeping companion, the new addition to the brand’s Shiny Pebbles Watch Line, the superb Spring Dragonfly SHP30007ACI1-001 emanates sheer beauty, refinement and powerful femininity.

       The watch features a graceful stainless steel case, measuring 30.4 x 24.8 mm and 7.6 mm thickness, which unfurls a high-end satin-polished finish, and the seductive diamond setting, both on the bezel as well as on the lugs. Furthermore, the delicate architecture of the case incorporates a protective sapphire crystal and a classy winding crown embellished with a sapphire cabochon. A superb dressy timepiece, the watch incorporates in the construction of the case and dial 162 diamonds and 3 sapphires, with a total weight of 0,936 karats.

       Moreover, the stylish architecture of the case makes an eye-pleasing contrast against the watch’s silvered dial, embellished with sunburst guilloche pattern, as well as with the stylized silhouette of diamond-paved grass yarns, which seem to escape from the dial’s framework and to be continued into the design of the bezel. Furthermore, the watch’s dial is completed by blued-steel hands and it was embellished with a graceful dragonfly, set with three yellow sapphires.

       The jewelry watch Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Spring Dragonfly SHP30007ACI1-001 watch is animated by a high-precision quartz movement, which provides central hours and minutes functions.

       In addition, we have to mention that the timepiece is secured to the delicate wrist of a lady with rolled-edge crocodile leather strap, available in two interchangeable color options, and it will be available for an approximate price tag of $10,121.00.

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