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Aug 4

Pierre Deroche Splitrock Variation Dare

       A prestigious member of the today Swiss fine watch-making industry, Pierre DeRoche is a family-owned company, headquartered in Valle De Joux, which established a very personal tradition of creating superb wristwatches set in motion by unique mechanisms perfected up to the purest form of the tinniest detail touch.

       Through the years, the brand remained fateful to this life-guiding principle, and continued to create amazing pieces of horological art, characterized by uniqueness, aesthetical distinction, and unmatched mechanical sophistication, highly appreciated by watch collectors worldwide.

pierre-deroche-splitrock-variation-dare_1 pierre-deroche-splitrock-variation-dare_2

       It is worth mentioning that this brand produces only 100 exceptional models yearly and the release of a new Pierre DeRoche watch-line is a real thrill for watch experts and enthusiast collectors worldwide.

       Especially for a modern gentleman, keen on sophisticated mechanical watches, which go beyond the know boundaries horological art, boldly entering in other artistic fields, Pierre Deroche created superb limited edition, restricted to just 11 unique models, manually painted by a Swiss urban, artist Sigi von Koeding and signed Dare as a reference to the watch’s mechanism’s revolutionary nature.

       The timepiece features an elegant rectangular case, performed in black PVD-coated stainless steel, which demonstrates a nice combination of brushed and polished surfaces, and which incorporates the brand’s double water resistant crown and chronograph push-pieces, which ensure a 30-meter water-tightness. Furthermore, the generous sized case, measuring 46 mm x 31.6 mm, and 13.7 mm in thickness, incorporates a glare-proof sapphire crystal and an exhibition case-back, which allows a curious eye to peek at the delicate dance of the watch’s movement.


       The watch’s lacquered dial, manually painted in different shades of grey, is wonderfully highlighted by the watch’s skeleton orange hands. The timepiece ensures central hours and minute’s functions, a small seconds complication presented via a small orange hand located beneath the 12 o’clock position, and a concentric chronograph complication, which displays, in the same counter located at 6 o’clock, 60-minutes, 60-seconds, and 12-hours functions.

       This superb timepiece is animated by a wonderfully decorated, exclusive self-winding Dubois Dépraz movement fitted with cutout and engraved oscillating weight.

       The ultimate fashionable accessory for a charismatic contemporary man, the new Pierre Deroche Splitrock Variation Dare is secured to the wrist with a stylish black rolled-edged crocodile leather strap, with highlighting orange stitching. As far as the price tag is concerned, the brand’s daring customer has to pay about $20,000.00 for this superb object of contemporary horological art.

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