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Dec 22

Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Saphira SHP30011ACI1-001

One most appreciated luxury watch-making powerhouses in the world Pierre DeRoche is currently one of the few family-owned companies, famous all over the world for its exclusive horological products characterized by unmatched mechanical purity, forward-thinking design and infinite attention paid to the smallest detail touch.

Headquartered in an area, many times associated with the birthplace of the Swiss luxury watch-making industry, Pierre DeRoche never abandoned its perfectionist life-guiding philosophy and traditions, completely opposed to industrial production, and continued to manufacture only a limited number of timepieces yearly, which almost instantly become coveted collectable items.

Through the years, the brand never ceased to impress its enthusiast fans, with continually upgraded mechanisms, and with surprisingly original design, which perfectly expresses the concept of uncompromising luxury.


Although, over the years, the brand dedicated a lot of time and energy to pleasing the charismatic men of the 21st century, who seek the most elevated expression of mechanical sophistication, the brand dedicated many hours of meticulous research to creating amazing timepieces capable of pleasing the women of the day, in a continuous quest for a powerful fashion statement.

Therefore, the outstanding new addition to the brand’s iconic Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Watch Collection, the sophisticated Shiny Pebbles Saphira SHP30011ACI1-001 Watch we are going to present to you in the following article makes a great example of the brand’s mastery.

The model features a delicate rectangular case, measuring 30.4 mm x 24.8 mm, and 7.6 mm in thickness, nicely sculpted from stainless steel, which demonstrates the seductive diamond embellishment, accented by the soft satin-polished finish. The feminine architecture of the case incorporates a steel fluted crown fitted with a blue sapphire cabochon.


Moreover, the feminine design was carried into the watch’s dainty white mother of-pearl dial, nicely completed with blued-steel hands and a beautiful floral motif, accented by blue sapphires and white diamonds. In addition, we ought to mention that the case and dial totalize 85 diamonds and 16 blue sapphires, with a total weight of 0,754 karats.

A delightful accessory, bound to bring a plus of class and refinement to any fashionable outfit, the superb Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Saphira SHP30011ACI1-001 Watch accommodates a top-class quartz movement, which provides central hours and minute’s functions. It embraces the wrist with either a stingray or a crocodile leather strap, in different colors, and it will probably cost somewhere around $ 15,000.00.

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