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Mar 25

GrandCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers

       Headquartered in Valle de Joux, Switzerland, Pierre DeRoche is a prestigious family company known for creating highly exclusive objects of horological art animated by unique movements, characterized by an infinite attention to the purity of the smallest detail tough.

       Through the years, Pierre DeRoche established a highly personal tradition and life-guiding philosophy diametrically opposed to industrial production, the renowned watch-making powerhouse creates yearly only 100 watches, defined by exceptional mechanical sophistication and high-end meticulous finish, which are extremely appreciated by the watch experts and enthusiast collectors worldwide.

       Recently, the brand released another sophisticated timepiece, characterized by revolutionary bold design, inspired by the monumental urban constructions of the contemporary world and their gravity-defying fascinating architecture – the impressive GrandeCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers a superb masculine timepiece, bound to conquer the hearts of the brand’s enthusiast customers.

       The watch features a robust yet stylish case measuring 42.5 mm x 14 mm, that demonstrates a nice combination of, satin-brushed and polished surfaces, nicely crafted from 316L steel. The eye-pleasing architecture of the case incorporates a screw-lock winding crown, a sapphire crystal treated with anti-reflective substances, and a case-back, which demonstrates the timepiece’s engraved name and emblem – the three skyscrapers, and which ensure a remarkable water-resistance of 100-metrs. Moreover, we have to mention that this model has a more luxurious variation, majestically completed by a diamond-set bezel, adorned with 64 black diamonds.

       The timepiece masterfully combines classic elegance with innovative futuristic design touches, which hint about the watch’s unmatched mechanical complexity. The breath-taking one-of-a-kind dial of the timepiece features two superb half-moon counters that face each other providing retrograde hours and minute’s functions. The watch’s exceptional dial furthermore, comprises over 55 individual parts, meticulous satin-brushed, polished and sapphire-blasted surfaces, and oversized rhodium-plated hour-markers, which confer it a fascinating sophisticated appearance. The skyscrapers theme is carried on into the expressive red hands of the timepiece clearly inspired by the unmistakable silhouette of the iconic Empire State Building

       At the heart of the forcefully designed timepiece beats the wonderfully decorated, high-precision self-winding mechanical movement, the in-house Dubois Depraz caliber.

       Especially created for a charismatic contemporary man, keen on mechanical sophistication and innovative design, the outstanding Pierre Deroche GrandeCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers is completed by a stylish black crocodile leather strap. Surely, a dream for any impassionate watch collector, the timepiece was manufactured in a limited edition of just 21 pieces of each model, available for a price tag ranging from $14,050.00 up to $19,260.00 for the diamond-embellished model.

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