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Dec 22

Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Saphira SHP30011ACI1-001

      Therefore, the outstanding new addition to the brand’s iconic Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Watch Collection, the sophisticated Shiny Pebbles Saphira SHP30011ACI1-001 Watch we are going to present to you in the following article makes a great example of the brand’s mastery.
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  Dec 8

Pierre DeRoche Splitrock MDA SPR30001ACI0-009CRO

     Not long ago, the brand released another amazing new addition to the superb Pierre DeRoche Splitrock Watch Collection, the sophisticated Splitrock MDA SPR30001ACI0-009CRO Watch, a stylish new timepiece, which emanates strength and masculinity. Continue reading

  Dec 5

Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Valentine SHP30009ACI1-001 Watch

     Designed to evoke the most beautiful of the human emotions – love, and to celebrate St. Valentine, new outstanding new Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebbles Valentine SHP30009ACI1-001 Watch, demonstrates a stylish rectangular 316 steel case, measuring 30.4 mm x 24.8 mm, and 7.6 mm in thickness, which demonstrates a nice satin-polished finish, and the seductive…. Continue reading

  Aug 4

Pierre Deroche Splitrock Variation Dare

       The ultimate fashionable accessory for a charismatic contemporary man, the new Pierre Deroche Splitrock Variation Dare is secured to the wrist with a stylish black rolled-edged crocodile leather strap, with highlighting orange stitching. Continue reading

  Jul 30

Pierre Deroche Splitrock Concentric Chronograph

       Recently, the brand brought to life a superb chronograph model, the elegant new Pierre Deroche Splitrock Concentric Chronograph an elegant timepiece, designed to bring a plus of class and sophistication to any dressy outfit. The timepiece features a stylish rectangular case. Continue reading

  Jul 27

Pierre Deroche TNT BelCanto

       A real thrill for the enthusiast watch-collectors worldwide, the new Pierre Deroche TNT BelCanto Watch Line, limited to only 3 pieces, incorporates an amazing historical mechanism, which goes back as far as 1894, and reunites the contribution of some of the most prestigious names in the watch-making industry. Continue reading

  Jul 24

Pierre Deroche GrandCliff TNT Penta

       A true sensation of BaselWorld 2010, the latest creation of the brand, the new Pierre Deroche GrandCliff TNT Penta, produced in a limited edition of 201 pieces, boasts powerful masculinity and striking sophistication. A bold chronograph model, the timepiece will surely conquer the hart of any charismatic man keen of horological complications. Continue reading

  Jun 21

Shiny Pebbles Spring Dragonfly SHP30007ACI1-001

       Maybe the perfect intertwinement between a classy accessory and a reliable timekeeping companion, the new addition to the brand’s Shiny Pebbles Watch Line, the superb Spring Dragonfly SHP30007ACI1-001 emanates sheer beauty, refinement and powerful femininity. Continue reading

  Jun 13

Shiny Pebbles Waves SHP30006ACI1-002

       Recently Pierre DeRoche released another superb addition to its Lady Line, the precious Pierre DeRoche Shiny Pebble Waves a delicate yet sophisticated model, which reveals the seductive diamond glitter, and which surely will conquer the hearts of any modern fashionable woman. Continue reading

  Jun 3

GrandCliff Power Reserve GRC10002ACI0-001CRO

       Recently Pierre DeRoche enriched its highly appreciated GrandCliff Collection with a superb new model, the eye-catching Pierre DeRoche GrandCliff Power Reserve GRC10002ACI0-001CRO, a masculine timepiece, which emanates charm and sophistication. Continue reading

  May 30

GrandCliff Retro Hour GRC10001ACI0-001CRO

       Recently the brand enriched its highly appreciated GrandCliff Collection with a superb new model, the eye-catching Pierre DeRoche GrandCliff Retro Hour GRC10001ACI0-001CRO Watch, a bold masculine timepiece defined by immaculate timekeeping accuracy and functionality. Continue reading

  May 24

Pierre DeRoche Milady Grandcliff

       Pierre DeRoche always strived to please its demanding ladies customers, by creating sublime objects of horological art, fashionable wristwatches, which combine high-end meticulous finish with exceptional mechanical sophistication, such as the amazing Pierre DeRoche Milady GrandeCliff Watch. Continue reading

  Mar 27

Pierre DeRoche GrandCliff Countdown

       The sophisticated Pierre DeRoche GrandCliff Countdown watch incorporates a high-functionality countdown rotating bezel, which will serve well a sports enthusiast fan; no matter if he is keen on boxing, football, sailing or tennis, he will surely value the versatility of his timekeeping companion. Continue reading

  Mar 25

GrandCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers

       Recently, the brand released another sophisticated timepiece, characterized by revolutionary bold design, inspired by the monumental urban constructions of the contemporary world and their gravity-defying fascinating architecture – the impressive GrandeCliff Double Retrograde Skyscrapers a superb masculine timepiece. Continue reading





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