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Oct 5

Piaget Love Letter Limelight Secret

        Emerged from the cradle of Haute Horology, the Swiss Jura Mountains, Neuchâtel, when it was founded in 1874, in a small village called La Côte-aux-Fées, Piaget is a prestigious watch-making brand created by George Piaget, an enthusiast watchmaker who dedicated his life to creating highly innovative timepiece of unequaled precision and timeless beauty.

        Throughout the years, Piaget became synonymous with high-class and precision timepieces for gentlemen, defined by classic minimalist design and the ultimate purity of the finest detail, meanwhile their collections for ladies strike through originality and youthful exuberance.

        No doubt that, the most appropriate excuse to imply an outburst of luxury and precious materials, along with the inexhaustible Piaget creativity, is the international celebration of romance on the 14th of February, the Valentine’s Day, and what better way to express love than through a genuine love letter, a Piaget Love Letter Limelight Secret Watch.

        Indeed a fascinating timepiece, designed to conquer the heart of any stylish lady, Piaget Love Letter Limelight Secret Watch, implies an original combination of materials and textures- nacre, stingray leather and sparkling diamonds will suffice for now, but furthermore, in the description of the model, you shall discover that this watch is a wonderful intertwining of a jeweler’s art with the watchmaker’s mastery.

        The envelope-shaped delicate case of Love Letter Limelight Secret Watch displays the purest expression of the jeweler’s craftsmanship. Embellished either with stingray leather or entirely set with diamonds, it gently hides away, from a curious eye just as a selfish lover, a romantic personalized love message along with the sophisticated artisanship of the watchmaker. A gentle fingertip touch to the precious cabochon-cut ruby or dainty yellow diamond lock opens the superb case and allows its mistress to glance at her lover’s personal love note every time she looks at the elegant black mother-of-pearl dial set with 12 glittering diamonds.

        A mind-numbing ode to true love, which has, just as a genuine love story a deeper inner beauty which goes beyond what first meets the eye, Piaget Love Letter Limelight Secret Watch is an exquisite item of sublime delicacy and refinement, the supreme expression of love and its everlasting celebration, which comes accompanied by an ardent price of $129,030.00, but who cares about the price when it comes to true love?

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