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Jan 21

Piaget Limelight Twice

        Headquartered in a region known as the cradle of the Haute Horology- Neuchâtel, the Swiss Jura Mountains, in a small village called La Côte-aux-Fées Piaget is a renowned watch-making brand, created in 1874 by George Piaget, a young enthusiast watchmaker who dedicated his entire life to producing astounding timepieces defined by immaculate precision and timeless beauty and elegance.

        In 2009 Piaget presented another glamorous addition to its luxurious watch-line, a brand new collection, fateful the brand’s life-guiding principles, the astounding Limelight Twice, a fascinating collection defined by duality which shows two faces, one, glittering and impressive and another more modest which can be displayed in accordance to the unpredictable disposition of its refined and capricious lady owner.

        The spectacular line features timepieces with asymmetrical design, and the two faces of the watches are animated by two individual Piaget 56P quartz movements which keep track of two independent time zones. Characterized by a very innovative nature, the new Piaget Limelight Twice features a surprising mode of integration of the case and bracelet, along with a well hidden push-button for time setting.

         The remarkable Piaget Limelight Twice comprises three glamorous models: one of them comes accompanied by a luxurious gold and diamonds bracelet while the other two are majestically completed by elegant black satin straps.

        The case of the first model demonstrates clean contemporary design, and on the first side the timepiece features, sculpted in 18 karat white gold, sunburst guilloche pattern that creates a delightful visual effect surrounding the elegant black dial located at 6 o’clock position, meanwhile, when you flip the coin, the watch reveals a more luxurious face fitted with a diamond-embellished bezel wonderfully set with 52 brilliant-cut precious stones that surrounds a classy white dial adorned with Roman numeral hour markers which set emphasis on the hour hands set at 12 o’clock position.

        The second model is a more luxurious interpretation of the same theme, fitted with a 18 karat white gold case, the timepiece demonstrates the sunburst motif performed in 226 glittering brilliant-cut diamonds that wonderfully surround the off-centered black dial positioned at 6 o’clock, meanwhile the reverse side is the same as the one of the fist model; moreover both the first and the second timepiece are coupled with elegant black satin straps.

        The last version of the model beautifully combines the skill of the watchmaker with the jeweler’s mastery in order to provide the Limelight Twice Haute Joaillerie version a glamorous interpretation which comprises overall 680 diamonds.

        The dial of the timepiece is identical with that of the previous model, but in addition to its sparkling beauty, the watch also features a luxurious bracelet set with 300 brilliant-cut diamonds or optionally an 18 karat white gold polished bracelet.

        Designed for a modern, dynamic and powerful woman, the new Limelight Twice Haute Joaillerie version is available for an approximate price tag starting from $58,000.00.

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