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Dec 16

Piaget Limelight Jazz Party G0A35170

A prestigious member of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry, created during the second half of the 19th century, in a small village, many times associated with the originating matrix of the today Haute Horology, La Côte-aux-Fées, Neuchâtel, Piaget is above all, an international icon of class, distinction and watch-making mastery, highly appreciated by the watch-collectors worldwide.

The impressive story of the brand started with a visionary watchmaker named George Piaget, who, created his small watch-manufacture, in 1874, and who dedicated his entire existence to developing outstanding mechanisms, characterized by unequaled mechanical sophistication and timeless elegance.


Over the years, the brand preserved its perfectionist life-guiding philosophy, and never ceased to create amazing wristwatches, which always pushed forward the known limits of watch-making innovation and creativity.

However, if the models destined to please the charismatic contemporary men, impressed through refinement and minimalist elegance, the Piaget models destined to please the representatives of the fair sex strike through youthful exuberance and unleashed creative passion.

Therefore, the latest addition to the brand’s emblematic Piaget Limelight Watch Collection, we are going to present to you in the following article, the superb Limelight Jazz Party G0A35170 Secret Watch is a great example of the brand’s watchmaking mastery and jewelry expertise.


The model features a stylish 18-karat white gold case, measuring 29 mm in diameter, which demonstrates white diamonds and onyx decorative elements, which masterfully blend into a seductive piano keyboard, for the watch’s cover, which makes one dream about the fascinating notes of jazz. Underneath this piano face, lies hidden the watch’s diamond set dial, accented by a wide onyx bezel, and nicely completed by sharp blackened hour and minutes hands.

The model accommodates the high-quality Piaget 56P Quartz movement, which ensures basic central hours and minute’s functions, and of course, optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability.


In addition, we have to mention that the model embraces the wrist with a feminine black satin strap, and that it incorporates about 368 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 3.1 karats, which means that it will also have a very exclusive price tag.

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