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Dec 7

Piaget Creative Ring-Watch G0A29148

One of the best-known watch-making powerhouses in the world, Piaget traces its roots to the second half of the 19th century, to a legendary place, many times associated with the generative matrix of today Haute Horology, the Swiss Jura Mountains, Neuchâtel, to a small village named La Côte-aux-Fées.

Here, the brand started its fascinating journey through time in 1874, when an ambitious young entrepreneur named George Piaget, launched his small watch-manufacture, and dedicated his entire life to bringing to life amazing new wristwatches characterized by high-end meticulous finish and unmatched mechanical sophistication.

Over the years, the brand gradually evolved into a genuine trendsetter of the elitist watch-making industry, due to the mechanical complexity, unequaled precision, sheer beauty and originality of its timepieces, which soon turned into coveted collectable items, highly appreciated by the watch-collectors worldwide.


Surely, an enthusiast fan of the brand will probably know that if the gent’s models signed Piaget impress through mechanical purity and classic minimalist design, the ladies models strike as a sophisticated combination between timekeeping companion and exuberant fashionable accessory.

Therefore, in the following article we are going to present to you an amazing addition to the brand’s iconic Piaget Creative Watch Collection, the superb Piaget Creative G0A29148 Ring-Watch, a delightful new model, bound to bring a plus of luxury and sophistication to any modern attire.


Indeed a pioneering piece, when it comes to the original intertwinement between jewelry and timepiece, the superb Piaget Creative G0A29148 Ring-Watch, demonstrates a glamorous 18-karat white gold case, embellished with the seductive diamond glow.

The watch’s case, hidden beneath a gem-set dome, revolves around its own axis, alternately revealing the watch’s stylish silver minimalist dial, completed with white gold faceted hours and minutes hands.

In spite of its mere decorative function, the delightful new Piaget Creative G0A29148 Ring-Watch accommodates a very accurate Piaget 56P quartz movement, which confers immaculate precision and reliability. As far as the price tag goes, we cannot yet publish an exact figure, however we expect it to be rather exclusive.

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