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Jul 16

Perrelet Turbine

        Watches are a personal fascination with me. And of course, all of the famous watch companies are followed closely by me just so that I can be updated about what is out there in the form of quality time pieces. As a result when Perrelet came out with this dazzling new time piece, I just couldn’t stop myself from taking a look at this really pretty timepiece. And if you have the money then you should seriously think about getting this high quality time piece for yourself. Take a look!

        The Diamond Embellished Diane Minute Repeater from Harry Winston Company has been around for several years now and it’s always produced high quality and precision time pieces for the discerning enthusiast. But with the Perrelet Turbine Watch; they’ve actually managed to break into international fashion with the watch quickly becoming a widely coveted hand piece.

        So what makes the Perrelet Turbine Watch so desirable?
        As with any other Swiss made time piece, the Perrelet wrist watches are a marvel of engineering and watch making. The company has already produced several highly coveted watch lines called the Louis-Frederic Split Seconds Chronograph as well as the chic Tourbillon Titanium limited edition watches. But the Perrelet Turbine Watch is something else totally. The watch is svelte and mimics an airplane’s gas turbine. The watch also has several other features like:

        • A dial that is designed to look like the interior of the rotor of an airplane. The double rotor mechanism not only turns the time hands but also animated the twelve colored rotating blades on the face of the time piece. And of course, the hour and minute hands have been tweaked to resemble stylized hands.
        • The watch is colored gunmetal gray, black and highlighted with red detailing which makes it look like a svelte fighter plane.
        • The watch has a double rotor with automatic movement placed inside a solid titanium coated case with an even harder DLC black or diamond hard coat on top that resists scratches on the casing and the glass.
        • The watch case may seem pretty large to some men with a width of 44 cm but that’s the oversized watches are then norm nowadays. The watch has about 28,800 vibrations per hour and houses a reserve of 42 hours.
        • It has a sapphire crystal back case and the entire watch is provided with an alternate metal and rubber strap.

        What will it the price of Perrelet Turbine Watch
        Of course, no Swiss watch is going to come cheap and that’s the case with this one too. The entire Perrelet Turbine collection of Swiss timepieces is available in titanium, Diamond Light Coating covered titanium and even 18K rose-colored gold. The cost of the timepiece is estimated to be about £5350.00 but we aren’t sure about that yet. The company released the watch at the Basel World Trade show and despite the economy several watches have already been pre-ordered. You can check with online sources to find out where the watch will be available for online ordering.

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