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Jul 12

Perrelet Tourbillon In Gold and Titanium

      High end watch collectors will definitely want to take a look at The Perrelet Tourbillion In Gold and Titanium, this watch is a complete 100% unique high end type of watch that is exactly what you are looking when looking for a classy watch with out all the guess work. Let me speak of the originality of this timepiece, This watch Perrelet Tourbillion In Gold and Titanium is so unique that it has a tourbillion designed of 100% original polished gold and titanium. With all of the originality in this type of high end watch, you will have absolutely no choice but to expect quality, uniqueness and durability while owning a watch such as The Perrelet Tourbillion In Gold and Titanium.

      I want to make known that The Perrelet Tourbillion In Gold and Titanium is a very well dressed watch that contains a 18K rose gold and satin finished titanium case that measures a whopping 42mm. This particular watch has a titanium gray carbon fiber dial, also I want to mention that this dial is a COSC-certified P-161 movement that actually has an exclusive decorated Perrelet rotor all of which is complete with 26 big ones (Jewels that is).

      With a very limited Production of only 20 unites, The Perrelet Toubillion In Gold and Titanium watch has a well established 110 hour power reserve along with a crystal sapphire. This immaculate watch comes in, with a natural black rubber strap coupled with a titanium deployment buckle that is of a solid 18k roe gold cap. This watch is like no other watch, with all its originality and uniqueness, you will not find anything like it.

      With this watch you’re going to find two sub dials, as the very first one will be much larger than that of the next. The bigger sub dial will be where you will want to keep you eyes peeled in order to calculate the specific time. As this watch will feature all of the Arabic numerals distinguish the exact hour, however the numbers 5-7 is over taken by the much smaller dial.

      As you can see, this is not that of a usual watch in any way. You will not be disappointed with a watch such as this one. This amazing piece of work is of a class of the highest end of brands of the luxury watch industry. The Perrelet Tourbilion in Gold And Titanium Simple And Elegant timepiece is by far one most unique watches on the market as of today. Don’t take my word for it, go and experience this immaculate timepiece yourself.

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