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Oct 30

Perrelet Titanium Collection Power Reserve

       Perrelet is amongst the brands with great impact for the watch making tradition, considering the invention of the first system that takes its necessary energy from the wearer, a system patented by Abraham Louis Perrelet in the early beginnings of this company. Established in 1777, Perrelet is the proud manufacturer of smart luxury timepieces that are considered landmarks for the watch making industry, not only because of their unique and appealing designs, but also because of their high-class technical performance.

       The Titanium Collection for men is one of the best selling collections by Perrelet and it consists of five amazing timepieces, all specialized in offering the watch enthusiasts a certain function at a high level of accuracy. One watch that has captured our attention is the new Perrelet Titanium Power Reserve, a watch that although it looks rather simple in its appearance, it has great technical details. Based on the same system that uses motion as source of energy, the self-winding P-111 movement guarantees 40 hours of power reserve and extreme reliability of the functions of hours, minutes and seconds offered by this watch.


       The simple design is more than effective as it has all the functions displayed neatly on the dial decorated through a combination of black and anthracite. The functions are indicated through central hands on a round case made from titanium and the date window is located at 12 o’clock, as opposed to other watches from the Titanium collection, which display the date just above 6 o’clock. The power reserve indicator makes itself visible through a semi-arch located above 6 o’clock and it makes use of red detailing. The new Perrelet Titanium Power Reserve Watch is also able to provide 50 meters of water resistance to its wearer, who might be a diving enthusiast.

       Sporty, dynamic and adventurous, the design of the new Perrelet Titanium Power Reserve Watch maintains at the same time a low profile, given by the soft round lines and the beautiful and stylish combination of colors. Quite contemporary, the watch comes accompanied by a resistant black rubber strap, giving a distinctive look to the watch and making it an iconic item by Perrelet.

       Although the Perrelet Titanium Power Reserve Watch is a very promising watch, there’s no model in the Titanium collection that won’t satisfy the request of the most demanding clients and the expectations of the most pretentious watch connoisseurs, as this is a collection quality-oriented and dedicated to authenticity, value and passion for excellence. Once again, the designers from Perrelet have proven that the immense amount of passion invested in the manufacturing process of this collection was worthwhile.

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