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Sep 23

Perrelet Titanium Collection Double Rotor

       The pioneering spirit of Perrelet can be traced back to the invention of the first automatic winding system that uses a technology based on capturing energy from the wearer, a system seen as a breakthrough in the world of watch making as it is both inexpensive and absolutely reliable. Abraham Louis Perrelet made history in this industry by serving the field of watch manufacturing with passion and desire to succeed, while being the inventor of the automatic winding system in 1777 and also the person who invented the Pedometer, back in the 1780’s. The passion of Abraham Louis Perrelet was passed on with care and commitment to the future generations of watch makers from Perrelet, who continued to make progress in the world of watch making by introducing new lines, new technologies and new designs to this industry.

       One of the best admired collections by Perrelet is one dedicated to men featuring watches of the most exquisite appeal and the most chic sportiness. Based on titanium, the resistance of the watches included in this collection is definitely unquestionable and the technology employed in the manufacturing process is one based on vision and daring approach to technical performance. Quite inventive, the designers from Perrelet tried to maintain the system patented by Abraham Louis Perrelet, which consists in energy released by the wearer and captured through state of the art technology as to make possible the working of the watch’s functions, while focusing extensively on the idea of design. The Perrelet Titanium Double Rotor, one of the five watches included in this collection, displays a unique sporty appeal based on a titanium crafted case of 43, 50 mm in diameter.


       The design of this watch doesn’t leave any room for doubt if you come to think about trends or fashion, as it has it all. Very contemporary looking, the new Perrelet Titanium Double Rotor watch combines the titanium from the case with the anthracite and black circular surfaces from the dial and offers a sporty appearance. The dial displays functions of hours, minutes and seconds and a date function, just above 6 o’clock. The technical details of this watch can be summarized easily by mentioning the name of the P-181 Caliber, exclusively designed by Perrelet and based on the famous Double Rotor winding system. This highly progressive movement generates 40 hours of power reserve and extreme reliability of the functions.


       Even though the new Perrelet Titanium Double Rotor watch has a strong say when it comes to technical performance, but it is its design that softens immediately the hearts of the most pretentious watch customers. The subtle, yet sporty lines of design plus the combination of colors make from this watch an instant hit on the market of watch making. The new Perrelet Titanium Double Rotor watch comes accompanied by a black rubber strap and also with a warranty of three years.

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