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Sep 29

Perrelet Limited Edition Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater

       Established back in 1777 by the famous Abraham Louis Perrelet, the watch manufacturing brand of Perrelet has managed to combine tradition with sophisticated modernity and the watch concepts offered so far have made it to the top charts in the customers’ preferences.

       Always a best selling brand, Perrelet has many reasons to be considered a pioneering brand of watch making due to its inventive spirit and its visionary approach to technical performance. Known as the founding father of the first automatic winding system based on motion, Abraham Louis Perrelet has transmitted his burning passion to the future generations of watchmakers working for the brand, proof of that being the latest timepieces included in the Limited Edition Collection, one of the most progressive collections ever released by Perrelet.

       Designed to please the eye, the Limited Edition Collection is extremely fashion-oriented although it maintains a more conformist approach, by combining shades of black, silver and stainless steel. The Limited Edition Collection features two watches named the Perrelet Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater and the new Maestro Alarm Watch, both of them being oriented for pragmatic use, with functions that serve well the modern man’s hectic life.

       The Perrelet Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater showcases a clean and neat design, being crafted from stainless steel with influences of black and silver on the dial. The dial is uniquely designed to hint to the idea of music, making use of a stave motif interrupted from time to time to make room for the most important hour markers, indicating the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. The dial displays functions of hours, minutes and seconds and also, a 5 minutes repeater.

       The inner working of the new Perrelet Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater is responsible for the accuracy of each function and it is defined as the automatic self-winding movement P-201, a movement exclusively designed to fit the expectations of the Perrelet watchmakers that are strongly dedicated to excellence in technical performance. Modern and reliable, the new Perrelet Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater offers you both functionality and appeal, being coupled with a sophisticated alligator leather strap fitted with a stainless steel buckle.

       Coming with a 3 years warranty, the new Perrelet Maestro 5 Minutes Repeater watch is definitely a product that talks in favor of its brand and in favor of its long lasting tradition in watch manufacturing. Perrelet is an internationally acclaimed brand that over the years has worked with great passion and commitment to excellence to be where it is today, amongst the leaders of the watch manufacturing industry.

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