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Dec 11

Perrelet Exclusive Complications Turbine XL

One of the oldest and most prestigious watch-making powerhouses in the world, Perrelet started its existence in the second half of the 18th century, when a visionary man of his time, Abraham-Louis Perrelet laid the foundations of today Haute Horology inventing the self-winding mechanical movement.

This horological breakthrough marked the brand’s path through the history of the Swiss elitist watchmaking industry, and, in over two centuries of existence, Perrelet never ceased to create exceptional wristwatches, and to stand as a true etalon of mechanical purity, uncompromising innovation, and forward thinking design, which continually rises the bar for its peers.

A name synonymous with inventiveness and horological mastery, Perrelet, never abandoned its perfectionist life-guiding philosophy, and centenary traditions, and treated every challenge as an intriguing opportunity for self-discovery and growth, and this is how, some of the most beautiful objects of horological art were created.

Not long ago, the brand introduced another breathtaking addition to its emblematic Perrelet Exclusive Complications Watch Collection, the sophisticated Turbine XL Watch Line, which comprises 7 superb new models, which emanate strength and dynamism.

The watches features robust round cases, measuring 50 mm in diameter, which demonstrate an interesting combination of textures and materials, which enhances the sporty appeal of the models. The cases are available in brushed or black DLC-coated titanium, or precious 18-karat pink gold, and incorporate a finely polished black DLC-coated steel bezel, a winding crown engraved with the brand’s logo, and an exhibition case-back and confer 50-meter water resistance.

The face of the watches, however, reveals a rare horological complication, the turbine complication, which consists in 12 titanium turbine blades, which seem to be slicing through the air, and hide beneath the black flange of the timepiece, creating a stunning visual effect. In addition, the dials feature various coloristic options, being completed with Arabic numeral hour markers and with vibrant red, green, white, orange, or pink gold accents, and feature sward-shaped hours and minute’s hands.

Especially designed to please a modern watch-connoisseur, the new, Perrelet Turbine XL Watch Line accommodates high-end self-winding mechanical movements, the P-181 Caliber, which confers unmatched timekeeping accuracy and reliability and the advantage of 40-hours power reserve.

A superb choice, the models of the Perrelet Turbine XL Watch Line embrace the wrist with a comfortable black natural rubber strap, and they will be available for a price starting from $6,000 up to over $25,000.00 for the pink gold variation.

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