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Jul 14

Perrelet Diamond Flower

      Well, it’s true! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And when you combine luscious diamonds with bracelet type watches, you are guaranteed one very happy woman! And that’s just what the Diamond Flower Women’s Watch by Perrelet will cause you to do! The watch is simple too pretty for words! I mean, we already knew about Perrelet and its high quality timepieces but Perrelet has managed to tap into every woman’s ideal idea of a watch!

      Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me explain!
      Watches are fine and good and all that but women like to have watches that look pretty yet chunky enough to make our wrists look delicate! And the Diamond Flower Women’s Watch by Perrelet has managed to strike just the right balance. It has diamonds a-plenty, a pretty silver casing and a yet prettier little flower on the face! And of course, Perrelet being the Swiss perfectionists that they are have managed to squeeze in nearly every great watch making tweak possible into the dainty yet chunky hand piece.

      • The ladies watch combine esthetics and functionality and that makes it one of the best functioning watches at present with a great look too.
      • The face is made of mother-of-pearl and inlaid with stylized gold petals of an almost Oriental looking lotus. A few of the petals are accentuated with fine droplets of diamonds and rubies.
      • Another surprise is that the dial lotus rotates according to the rhythm of the owners pulse. Very cool!
      • The innovative design won it the prestigious Montre De l’annee award for design
      • At present, these timepieces are being sold in several colors like rose gold, stainless steel, two tone, and leather.
      • The best version is the polished stainless steel edition which looks really grand and sultry.
      • The watch is liberally sprinkled with diamonds all over the watch. The diamond decorations are also distributed along the bezel and the watch casing.
      • This timepiece looks very luxurious with red drawn petals which accentuate the lotus design and the rubies on the petal of the flower.

      What’s it worth?
      The watch is priced a little on the high side at about $6000.00 per piece and the double rotor design ensures that the piece is great and runs on time. The double rotor is always a little difficult to use and the rotating motion of the flower and the hands makes it one of the most enviable designs present for ladies. The design is worth snapping up as the company is planning to produce the watch in limited editions only and that means the early bird gets the worm. The “in” gossip of the watch is that the watch may also be made in sapphires with the entire design tweaked in blue. We aren’t really sure about that but it would be something else to look out for! We predict that this will be the watch gracing the hands of celebrities this awards season. It’s a beautiful watch and it’s well worth the money!

Perrelet Diamond Flower for woman pictures

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