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Jun 6

Perrelet Diamond Flower Rare Prestige Edition

       A well-known watch-making powerhouse, Perrelet traces its roots back to the second half of the 18th century, when a young and talented watchmaker, Abraham-Louis Perrelet- who later became one of the fathers of the Swiss Haute Horology, started in 1777, a long heirloom of master watchmakers, dedicated to creating highly sophisticated objects watch-making artisanship.

       Through the years, the brand started to be associated, with not only mechanical sophistication and distinguished aesthetics, but with exceptional quality and authenticity, qualities coveted by all enthusiast watch-collectors worldwide. Nevertheless, Perrelet is also known for mastering the delicate art of the jeweler, in order to create extraordinary timepieces, which bring a plus of charm and splendor to a contemporary woman’s delicate wrist.

       Recently, the brand presented a superb new limited edition, comprising seven unique pieces, 3 performed in 18-karat rose gold and 4 in 18-karat white gold, and set with the luxurious glitter of sapphires, emeralds, rubies or diamonds.

       The timepieces feature round cases, which measure 38.1 mm in diameter, and which incorporate gem-set bezel, sides and lugs, decorated with the seductive glitter of diamonds -the pink gold models, and one of the white gold models, meanwhile the other three white gold models are set with rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

       The design of the timepieces’ dials was inspired by the beauty of the lotus flower, a powerful symbol of femininity, creation and rebirth, nicely performed in gold and embellished with refined gem setting matching the case’s stones. Furthermore, the dials can be performed in cream or chocolate nacre, black, diamond paved or white diamond paved, and come matched with stylish alligator leather straps matching the color of the dial or stone stetting.

       Furthermore, the seven glamorous models are animated by an in-house self-winding mechanical movement, the P-181 caliber, which can be admired through the timepiece’s exhibition case-back and which ensures central hours, minutes and seconds as well as a lengthily 40-hours power reserve.

       The superb models of the collection combine sophistication, luxury an unmistakable and complex femininity, being surely a dream for many contemporary fashionable women. Unfortunately, for most of them they will always remain a dream because the models belong to an extremely excusive line, and their price will range between $19,500.00 up to $44,500.00.

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