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Feb 26

Panerai Radiomir Marina Militare PAM 00339

        Tracing its roots back to the second half of the 19th century when it was created in Florence, Italy, by a visionary entrepreneur of its time, Giovani Panerai, Officine Panerai is a prestigious watch-making powerhouse, internationally known for creating extraordinary timepieces defined by immaculate precision and sober distinguished aesthetics. Through its very interesting evolution the brand never ceased to follow its life-guiding principles and philosophy and preserved unaltered, its centenary watch-making tradition.

        In 1997, Officine Panerai became a member of the prestigious Richemont International SA Group, and currently the brand manufactures its timepieces in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, both manufacturing the mechanical components of its timepieces but also using the high-quality beautifully decorated ETA calibers. Among the watch-connoisseurs worldwide, the Italian watchmaker is also known for its very exclusive watch lines that limit to 1000 units or even less the number of individual pieces manufactured from a model in its life span.

        Recently the band enriched its watch collection with another eye-catching model, the impressive Panerai Radiomir Composite Marina Militare P2002 47mm PAM00339. The watch features a robust cushion shaped case, measuring 47 mm in diameter, which was manufactured from a high-tech interesting material obtained during the electrochemical ceramization of aluminum. This process is in itself a novelty in the world of luxury watch making, and, if the traditional methods assume applying ceramic particles into the metal, Panerai produces this deep hued, high-tech material, by immersing the aluminum case in a chemical bath, where it undergoes ceramization- the process that creates an extremely light and resistant material. The watch’s case is thus acquires a surprising dark matt brown finish and an extreme durability, above the normal metal or ceramic traditional watches.

         At the heart of this sophisticated timepiece beats the innovative Hand-wound mechanical movement, the Panerai P.2002/7 caliber that confers the advantage of an 8-day power reserve.

        The timepiece was designed to pay a great tribute to the brave Italian Navy, and features the Marina Militare inscription on its dark brown dial; moreover, the watch features a worn-looking brown leather strap that confers the watch a nice vintage look.

        Designed for a classy gentleman, keen on mechanical sophistication and exceptional resistance and reliability, the new Panerai Radiomir Composite Marina Militare P2002 47mm PAM00339 is available for a price tag of $15,000.00.

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