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Mar 6

Oris Williams F1 Team Skeleton Engine Date

        A prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer, Oris built in over a century of success, a well-established reputation among the watch connoisseurs worldwide, due to creating wristwatches of unmatched mechanical purity, sophistication and impeccable precision that share a strong connection with the field of aviation, but also with the adrenalin-inflicting world of Formula 1 competitions.

        Through the years, the brand experienced a fruitful partnership with the exciting world of motor sports and, in order to celebrate this intertwinement, Oris released another remarkable timepiece that masterfully combines a bold sporty design and impressive mechanical sophistication, the new Oris Williams F1 Team Skeleton Engine Date.

         A superb addition to the Oris’ Formula 1 inspired watch collection, the new model has powerful racy looks; it features a multi-piece stainless steel case fitted with flexible lugs. It measures 42 mm in diameter and emanates strength and masculinity, meanwhile it ensures a water tightness of 100 meters beneath the sea surface.

        At the heart of the timepiece beats the high-precision Oris Caliber 733, an automatic winding movement, base SW 200. The delicate dance of this movement can be admired through the high-quality sapphire crystal of the watch’s skeleton dial. The sophisticated mechanism of the Oris Williams F1 Team Skeleton Engine Date incorporates an innovative technology based on the principle that the energy stored through movement can be used when necessary, also known as the KERS- Kinetic Energy Recovery System, initially created for the racing cars.

        The timepiece provides date function, ingeniously revealed through a date ring rich in race inspired finish touches, at 6 o’clock position a red pointer indicated the current date.

        The timepiece comes coupled with a stylish stainless steel bracelet or an interchangeable, sportier, black rubber strap that mimics the pattern of a car’s tire, no matter which is the chosen finish detail both of them confer the optimal level of comfort.

        Designed for an impassionate fan of the racing circuits, keen on watch-making mechanical mastery, the timepiece recreates the thrilling universe of the competition, attaching to the wrist the sensation of the engine’s roar and the pure emotion of the race, all for an approximate price tag of $1,495.00.

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