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Feb 28

Oris Swiss Hunter Team Limited Edition

        A prestigious Swiss watch-making brand, Oris was founded over one century ago, and ever since has surprised watch-connoisseurs worldwide, through its horological creations of immaculate functionality, outstanding mechanical purity and sophisticated aesthetics, designed for the self assertive man of the 21st century.

        In order to celebrate an historical intertwinement with the exhilarating world of aviation, Oris brought to life another sporty sophisticated wristwatch, which celebrates the iconic Hawker Hunter jet. Launched in 1951, in Great Britain, the amazing Hunter jet has been brought, 7 years later to the Swiss Air Force, becoming a national legend. Moreover, although the legendary jet has been retired, it never ceased to fly thanks to the Swiss Hunter Team of the ‘Fliegermuseum Altenrhein’ a group of enthusiast pilots of the Swiss Air Force.

        A remarkable timepiece inspired by this emblematic aircraft, the sporty Swiss Hunter Limited Edition watch was especially created by Oris to pay tribute to the Hawker Hunter jet, and it combines the dynamic powerful design of the jet with its elevated standards of quality.

        The timepiece features a robust anthracite PVD-treated case, measuring 46 mm in diameter; it is characterized by graceful fluidity, merging soft curves with a beveled top ring and an imposing screw-down crown.

        The stylish dial of the timepiece is performed in the watchmaker’s well-known cockpit style, inspired by the dashboard of the flying instrument, moreover, a miniature of the Hunter jet, has been attached to the watch’s calendar hand.

        At the heart of this remarkable pilot’s watch beats the high precision Oris-made 644 movement that can be admired by the inquiring eye of a true watch connoisseur, through an exhibition case-back.

        The commemorative watch was manufactured in a limited edition of 1958 timepieces, presented in an imposing box set, accompanied by the jet’s original ejection seat safety splint key ring marked with the same serial number as the timepiece.

        The dream of every impassionate watch collector, who shares his passion for outstanding mechanical purity with the passion for flight and for the magnificent Hunter jet, the new Swiss Hunter Limited Edition watch from Oris will be the privilege of the few, bound to confer a plus of masculinity and dynamism to any fashionable outfit.

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