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May 1

Skeleton Central Tourbillon Co-Axial Platinum

       One of the most prestigious members of today’s Haute Horology, Omega traces its roots back to the first half of the 19th century, when it was founded in 1848, in Switzerland, Chaux-de-Fonds. Among the impassionate watch-connoisseurs worldwide, the brand is associated with the it’s greatest achievements- creating the first NASA flight qualified for all manned space missions timepiece, and for being the official Olympic Timekeeper since 1932.

       Nevertheless, through its centenary existence, Omega has always created outstanding wristwatches defined by charismatic sophisticated design and immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability, highly appreciated by the brand’s customers and watch experts worldwide.

       Recently the brand released another superb horological creation, the eye-catching Skeleton Tourbillon Co-Axial Platinum Limited Edition, which gracefully combines the tourbillon complication with many other spectacular design features. Especially created for enthusiast collectors, the superb model has been limited to just 18 pieces; each of them manually crafted by Omega’s most skilled experts, who form the brand’s Cellule Haut de Gamme in Bienne.

       It is worth mentioning that the most impressive quality of the Skeleton Tourbillon Co-Axial Platinum Limited Edition is the position of the tourbillon complication at the center of the timepiece, first time accomplished by a watch-making brand. Furthermore, the stunned eye of a true watch connoisseur will surely be impressed by the movement’s fine decoration: the circular graining with anthracite galvanic finish, the sun-brushed details, the manually polished bridges or the rotor fitted with sapphire plate and the Breguet balance spring, are only a few of the seductive details revealed by the skeleton dial of the timepiece.

       The watch features very sophisticated hands, gold-metalized onto crystal discs that give the impression of flowing above the movement, and the brand’s experts recurred to this, because the traditional manner of mounting a hand on a central shaft could not be applied to a Central Tourbillon complication.

       It is worth mentioning that the assembly of this superb mechanism is the masterwork of just one watchmaker, it required over 540 hours of meticulous work, and that the watchmaker engraves his own initials underside the base of the tourbillon.

       At the heart of this superb timepiece beats the high-performance Co-Axial caliber 2636, a 320 components movement that confers immaculate timekeeping accuracy and reliability, COSC-chronometer certified.

       Surely, the privilege of only 18 passionate collectors, this dazzling horological masterpiece of artistry is hosted in an elegant platinum case and it is secured to the wrist with a stylish black alligator leather strap, as for the price tag we can only expect it to be truly excusive.

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