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Aug 8

Omega Speedmaster Professional

      In 1848 the Swiss 23 year old Louis Brandt started assembling highly precise key-wound pocket watches which soon became popular and yearned for all over the world. The small business he started in mid 19th century was to become a renowned brand that can take pride in having played a crucial role where humanity’s progress is concerned.

      By the 1950’s Omega was well established and known for its quality timepieces. As the NASA was planning their first space travel they realized they did not have a watch suitable for the harsh and unusual conditions they were preparing themselves for. Therefore, they made an “incognito” descent and brought some of the most reputable watches on the market for testing. Omega was the only chronograph to successfully undergo all imposed tests without significant damage. The tested model was to become The Omega Speedmaster Professional, the only “Space Proof” chronograph, appointed “Officially Certified Wristwatch For All Manned Space Missions” by NASA. It was the first and only wristwatch to be used in 1969 for Armstrong and Aldrin’s Moon landing (the Apollo Mission).

      This year Omega launched the APOLLO 11 “40TH ANNIVERSARY” LIMITED EDITION, a successor of the Omega Speedmaster Professional, the Moonwatch that accompanied members of the Apollo mission on their Moon landing. The timepiece has several inner features which bind it to its predecessor, and clear design markers emblematic for NASA’s 1969 famous mission.

      The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, for a robust and neat look, while the black dial reminds fans of the original model used 40 years ago. The hands are coated with luminescent material and rhodium. There are three counters, one of which was designed to look like a small medallion, etched with the Mission’s symbols. The time at which the first step on the Moon was made (02:56 GMT) is marked with red on the watch’s dial. The chronograph is a real eye-catcher not only for its fancy, clean look but also because it features the original 1861 Omega caliber movement which was the heart of the original Omega Speedmaster Professional. The dial is protected by the same material as its forerunner, Hesalite, a special sort of crystal best suited for extreme outer space conditions.

      The bezel’s tachymeter is engraved in black and the 42 mm diameter case is water resistant up to 50 meters depth. It is easy to see why this watch was awarded with ‘Snoopy’ the highest NASA distinction and how come both American and Russian astronauts were wearing it for outer space missions. Prices for this timeless masterpiece Omega Speedmaster Professional start somewhere around 3000 USD.

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