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Oct 4

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Alaska Project’

        Launched in the 1848, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Omega is one of the most respected Swiss watch-making brands, identified with its unmatched horological accomplishments and temerarious innovative spirit. Among the worldwide watches connoisseurs Omega is best known for creating the first and only timepiece in the history of Haute Horology which was NASA flight qualified for all manned space missions, for designing the charismatic James Bond’s wristwatch, and also for its prestigious intertwining with the Olympic Games.

        The brand’s collections have always combined Omega’s highly sophisticated design with pioneering technologies, creating thus the chronographs which have conquered the outer space and which are capable to withstand in extreme earthly condition and conserve their functionality even in the ocean’s depths. The new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Alaska Project’ is maybe the best example of Omega’s long tradition of durability, precision and craftsmanship as it was also designed to bear outer-space conditions as well as extreme temperatures between -148 up to +260 degrees Celsius.

        This extraordinary timepiece has a very interesting story to tell; it was designed right after Omega qualified Speedmaster Professional for all the outer-space NASA missions and it was especially designed to participate to the 1970s expedition to the dark side of the Moon. In order to create a timepiece resistant to the exposure to extreme temperatures, Omega’s engineering team reunited under the Alaska Project name brought an original decision, an additional outer casing mounted to the timepiece’s bezel. Since the moon expedition never took place, the prototype fell into oblivion for almost 37 years, until 2007 when it was auctioned for an amazing price of $ 62,728.59. Later on in 2008, Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘Alaska Project’ was given another life.

        Having at its core the legendary Omega caliber 1861, a manual winding chronograph, which initially animated Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, ‘Alaska Project’ ensures outstanding precision coupled with the advantage of 45-hours power reserve.

        The model features a robust stainless steel case, which measures 42mm in diameter emanating power and masculinity; it is also fitted with a classy bezel with tachymeter scale, and an aesthetical clean three-color scheme (white/black/red) for the sophisticated dial, which is equipped with a small seconds counter located at 9 o’clock position, 30-minute chronograph counter positioned at 3 o’clock, and a 12-hour chronograph counter placed at 3 o’clock position.

        As another interesting feature of this timepiece we must mention the red-anodized aluminum outer case which was obtained through a special oxidation treatment in order to obtain the ultimate extreme temperature protection. The timepiece is furthermore completed by a black and white Velcro strap, equipped with red-anodized aluminum buckle or stainless steel bracelet.

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