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Aug 24

Omega Constellation Double Eagle

        The designs and mechanisms promoted by the famous watch-making brand Omega are of an impeccable beauty. Managing to gain its notoriety from creating exquisite timepieces, the Omega brand is one of the most appreciated brands on the market and it seems like the situation won’t be changing in the near future as they have succeeded in assuring themselves a place amongst the leaders of this industry. Their commitment towards functionality, creative designs and elegance will never be broken, because at the core of their foundation resides passion, the passion for good taste and quality.

        By wearing an Omega watch on your wrist you are welcomed into the Omega family. Some of the ambassadors of this renowned brand are: Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, Sergio Garcia and Michael Schumacher, all big names and all proud of wearing such remarkable timepieces on their wrists.

        Trying to keep up the pace with the new times and trends, Omega has come up with a brilliant watch called Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chrono, an elegant and luxurious timepiece which combines high performance technology with beautiful design in order to satisfy the needs and desires of the brand’s customers. The new Omega Constellation Double Eagle follows the Omega tradition and displays the same qualities and brand-requirements towards the creation of an exquisite timepiece.

        The Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chrono is made of red gold and uses a rubber strap, keeping the sporty design which is characteristic to the Double Eagle. The watch is automatic, equipped with an Omega 3313 Caliber. It uses a self-winding chronograph movement with column wheel mechanism and Co-Axial Escapement for better precision stability and durability of the movement. The watch is made of an 18 karat red gold case, red detailed black dial measuring 41 cm and a sapphire crystals case. It’s has a very classy design that hides underneath an impressive piece of both technology and art. Although sporty at first sight because of the rubber strap, the case made of a red gold material adds a touch of elegance and luxury allowing this watch to be worn either at the tennis court or at the workplace in an official business meeting.

        This watch is also equipped with a free sprung balance, with hour, minute, date and continuous little second hands, details that attest one more time the impressive technical expertise behind this successful brand of watches. It is no wonder the brand has survived so many years and continues to impress the watch enthusiasts worldwide with their innovative creations. Being waterproof and with a water resistance of 100 m, 300 feet depth and generating a 52 hours power reserve, you can be sure that that your money will be invested wisely. You cannot go wrong if you decide to buy this Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chrono.

        The price for an Omega Constellation Double Eagle Automatic starts from 2500 $, but remember that you’re not just buying a watch to tell the time, you’re buying a watch that has a history behind it, which has a name and a reputation. After winning the world record for precision and other important prizes in the watch-making industry, the Omega brand has become a name with resonance and any purchased timepiece by this brand will be viewed soon as a collectible.

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