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Oct 23

The stages of alcohol or drug rehab recovery explained

People who are caught in the claws of addiction fight everyday to recover from this state. Choosing methods that are not healthy for you in order to overcome addiction of all kinds will get you in a much worse state. Forgetting about your addiction by going shopping excessively or spending money on irrelevant things is not an option. Some addicts tend to find hobbies that involve a lot of money spending such as creating a watch collection to forget about the state they are in. This is not a solution, as there will be moments when that person won’t afford to buy anything, situation which favors a potential relapse. Understanding the stages of substance abuse recovery and going through each of them is the only surefire way to deal with this issue. Here are the stages of alcohol or drug rehab recovery and what they imply:

The stages of alcohol or drug rehab recovery explained

First stage: seeking help

The first stage is admitting that you have an issue with substance addiction and seeking help to overcome it. Doing this on your own won’t lead you anywhere, so you need to find the courage to contact a professional and start your recovery process. If you don’t like the traditional 12-step recoveries, you can look for luxury ayahuasca centers for addiction, which are a milder way to get through this rough period of your life. Alternative medicine combined with traditional ways of coping with addiction is what you are looking for during this step. You need to ease into the process and start working your way to a brighter life.

Second stage: abstinence

The next step can be more difficult than the first, as it represents the early phase of abstinence. Your body will start forcing you to get more of that substance that brought you to this state. You must resist it and go through the withdrawal symptoms until the end. During this step, you might want to stay away from triggers of all kinds that could generate a relapse. Consulting a therapist during this step might help.

Third stage: maintaining

Battling addiction in drug rehab centers is easier because you get all the support you need. In this stage, you must maintain everything you achieved beforehand. It is the most important part of the rehab process, as you must avoid a relapse at all costs. After this stage is complete, the battle against addiction is almost won. A relapse during this stage would send you back to the first stage. The maintaining stage is focused on developing coping skills that help you lead a normal life, even though you might be surrounded by triggers.  

Fourth stage: sobriety

The fourth stage is the final one and it involves being completely sober. This is also called the advanced recovery state. During this phase, you can be triggered by things around you, but you must resist them much easier compared to the previous stages of the recovery process. Your main goal is to focus more on your current life and stay clean, no matter the circumstances.


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