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Sep 11

Men’s skincare: popular treatments   

Not just women pay attention to the way in which they look, but men as well. They have certainly surpassed the time when caring for skin was not an important issue. Now men have realized the importance of taking care of their skin and they live with the hope that a fresh look will increase their chances of getting ahead in life. Either because they like to follow the example set by Hollywood stars or because they desire to have soft skin, the fact is that men actually go beyond moisturizers and have started to resort to cosmetic treatments as well. Thanks to the acceptance of cosmetic procedures, men are not afraid to try nonsurgical treatments for having better complexions. If you wish to find out more about cosmetic procedures for men, just click here.

Man putting on shaving cream smiling

Men often complain about expression lines, shaving rashes and age spots just as frequently as women do. It is widely known that men’s skin is a lot thicker and has larger pores than that of women. That is why it generates more sweat and sebum. Besides this, women are not the only ones who suffer from UV damage. No matter how thick the layer of skin is, men are also in danger of getting skin cancer as the result of exposition to radiation. In fact, men have more chances to develop skin cancer because they have a higher incidence of melanoma.


Another popular treatment for men is skin peel that reduces pigmentation. In order to improve the skin’s texture, the cosmetician uses chemicals to peel and exfoliate a couple of layers of skin. This not only helps remove damaged layers, but it also stimulates the regeneration of the skin so that in the end the man ends up with glowing skin.


Botox has long been a popular treatment for anti-aging, but people are still reticent when it comes to injecting Botox. Skin loses its elasticity in time, especially when men are exposed to factors like sunlight, smoking and lack of sleep.  The role of Botox is to help relax the muscles and consequently the skin looks smoother. However, the solution is temporary, but men frequently use this quick fix to reduce wrinkles and frown lines, but not only. Botox is also a good remedy for droopy smile, crow’s feet and the list goes on.

Laser hair reduction

The metrosexual man does not want hair on his body anymore. Consequently, they turn to laser hair removal that is a permanent solution. Not only are the results quick, but it relieves men of the effort to shave or wax. The first leaves the skin rough and can cause cuts, while the latter is painful for most men. With laser treatment, the hair grows slower and the laser is so precise that it does not burn the skin.

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