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Jan 24

Essentials for decoration shops – Ribbons, boxes and more

Decoration shops are sometimes hard to manage and many tend to forget about small, yet essential aspects. If you run such a store, maybe it’s time to begin considering those little details that weight a lot when it comes to clients. For example, ribbons are the perfect way of showing high levels of professionalism when packing your customer’s items. Also, they can be used for a couple of other purposes, such as decorating your shop. Wholesale ribbons are an accessible item, able to make such a great difference. However, for more details on them and other essentials all decorations shops should have, you can continue reading below.

Essentials for decoration shops - Ribbons boxes and more

1. Ribbons, for a unique set up and a professional touch

Yes, they should be always present in all décor stores, since they can work wonders on two aspects. First, they can add a more personal air to your store if you use them as a décor element, and second, when packing your client’s items, you can add a professional touch up. As a decorations store manager, you need to also show quite some imagination with your general set-up and by using ribbons you can manage this in the most facile manner. Create garlands, use them in combination with branches near your entrance, use them to decorate potential poles your store might have. And while your clients enjoy buying products from you, you can show appreciation by stepping up your packing game. A beautiful box for higher levels of safety and a gorgeous ribbon will surely make your clients feel special. It’s the devil in details.

2. Unique, classy boxes

And we are talking about packing boxes and storage boxes equally. Since you must have a great presentation for your products, try to sort the smaller ones by category, in beautiful woven boxes. This will add a more appealing air to your entire store, your products will always remain sorted efficiently and your clients will find them easier. Another way of using classy boxes is, again, when packing your client’s purchases. This will add some more professionalism and your clients will appreciate this small detail.

3. Original price tags

Small brown cards make stunning price tags, and while you can print them with all the necessary text, at request, you can easily integrate this in you stores’ marketing strategy as well.

Here are some essentials for making your client’s experience at your store a unique one.

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