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Dec 17

Milus Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Carbon HERT004

Created during the first half of the past century, in Bienne, Switzerland, Milus is a prestigious watchmaking powerhouse created by an ambitious young watchmaker named Paul William Junod, who in 1919, inspired by his country’s fine watch-making traditions, decided to launch his own elitist watch manufacture.

Over the years, his brand continually improved the quality of its products, and turned every challenge into a great opportunity of innovation and growth, creating thus, some of the most beautiful objects of horological art, which harmoniously blend mechanical sophistication, meticulous finish, and aesthetic authenticity.

That is how, for many watches impassionate around the globe, Milus stands as a true symbol of originality, pure creative passion, and watch-making mastery, which continually raises the bar for the other members of this elitist industry.


Recently, the brand brought another amazing addition to its impressive Milus Herios TriRetrograde Watch Collection, the sophisticated Milus Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Carbon HERT004 Watch, a beautiful new model, especially designed to thrill the enthusiast collectors worldwide.

The model features a robust, almost square, stainless steel case, measuring 41.7 mm x 42.0 mm, which demonstrates a stylish satin-polished finish, and which incorporates a stainless steel crown, personalized with the brand’s logo, a curved sapphire crystal and a screwed-down case-back, with a viewing aperture.

Furthermore, the timepiece demonstrates an intricate dial design, which hosts one of the most spectacular horological complications ever the TriRetrograde Seconds, which breaks the seconds into three, 20-seconds retrograde sectors. The openwork central area of the dial, allows a curious eye to admire parts of the wonderfully decorated mechanism, which beats inside the timepiece, meanwhile the outer part of the dial, performed in carbon fiber, holds the Arabic numeral hour markers. The central area reveals high-end Côtes de Genève decoration, and blued steel, highlighted by the vibrant red seconds, hours and minutes hands with central luminescent inserts.


The watch accommodates a top-quality self-winding mechanical movement, the MILUS 3838 Caliber, which demonstrates an exceptional finish and which provides impeccable accuracy.

Especially credit to bring a plus of charisma and sophistication to any modern outfit, the new Milus Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Carbon HERT004 Watch embraces the wrist with a black leather strap, with carbon fiber finish, and it will be available for an approximate price tag of $6,250.00.

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