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Jul 12

Milus Agenios Automatic AGEA002

       One of the most famous Swiss watch-making brands in the world, Milus was created at the beginning of the 20th century, by an enthusiast watchmaker, Paul William Junod, who, inspired by his country’s fine watch-making culture, decided to create brand that would manufacture timepieces characterized by unmatched quality, reliability and functionality.

       Currently Junod’s successors, never ceased to create exceptional wristwatches, which embody the perfect symbiosis of technical purity and pure artistic emotion, being a timeless fruit of unleashed passion, which celebrates beauty and refinement destined to please the most demanding watches connoisseurs worldwide

       During almost a century, Milus never ceased to create splendid watch collections, comprising a large area of models, for ladies and gentlemen, designed to meet the needs of Milus’ most demanding enthusiast customers.


       Recently the brand enriched its watch collection with another superb tonneau model dedicated to the stylish contemporary men- the beautiful new Milus Agenios AWGA002 Watch, a refined model defined by immaculate aesthetic purity, owed to a subtle combination of delicate arches and curves.

       The watch features a classy stainless steel case, measuring 37 mm x 46.2 mm that demonstrates a nice combination of soft curves and beveled edges accented by the watch’s stylish satin-polished finish. The eye-pleasing architecture of the case, furthermore, incorporates a protective sapphire crystal, as well as an exhibition case-back, fitted with a round sapphire crystal, and ensures a 30-meter water resistance.


       The new Milus Agenios AWGA002 Watch features a stylish black lacquered dial, nicely decorated with stripe pattern, and silver Roman numeral hour markers, for the 3, 6, 9, respectively 12 o’clock position. Furthermore, the dial of the timepiece is completed with skeleton hours and minute’s hands, and display only basic central functions- hours, minutes and seconds.

       At the heart of the new Milus Agenios AWGA002 Watch, beats a high-performance Swiss automatic mechanical movement, which confers optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

       Especially created to bring a plus of charm and elegance to a dressy outfit, the impressive Milus Agenios AWGA002 Watch comes matched with a masculine steel bracelet. However, when it comes to the watch’s price, we cannot yet publish a number, although it will probably cost somewhere around $3,500.00.

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