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Jan 17

Magrette Te Manaia Regattare Watch

A comparatively newcomer in the elitist universe of today Haute Horology, Magrette was a great surprise for many watch experts worldwide, which impresses with an original tribal inspired design rooted in the rich New Zealand culture, and with high-quality, reliable Swiss-made mechanisms.

Headquartered in the legendary City of Sails, Auckland, New Zealand Magrette is the master creation of an impassionate watch collector and designer named Dion Wynyard McAsey, who followed his childhood dream, and who created his own watch manufacture guided by the desire of creating a fresh new horological concept destined to please the demanding man of the 21st century.

Trying to capture the charm and elegance of the past and the simplicity and distinction of the days gone by, Dion Wynyard McAsey brought to life many remarkable timepieces, characterized by words like mysterious, alluring, old world and strong, which made his small business a genuine producer of coveted collectable items.


The new Magrette Te Manaia Watch is an interesting new model inspired by the fascinating legend of the Manaia bird, a recurrent motif of the Maori culture, represented as a bird-like creature, similar to the guardian angel of the European cultures, which in Maori tradition protects the man from untimely death caused by accidents.

The model features the brand’s signature cushion-shaped case, measuring 44 mm in diameter, manufactured from polished stainless steel, or black PVD-coated steel, which incorporates an eye-catching round bezel, demonstrating impressive hand engravings, which portray the legendary Manaia bird. The sophisticated architecture of the case also incorporates a screw-down case-back, a glare-proof sapphire crystal, and an exhibition case-back, which allows a curious eye to admire the delicate dance of the movement, and which provides 30-meters water resistance.


An elegant charismatic model, the new Magrette Te Manaia Watch features a stylish black dial, nicely accented with red and white highlights. The dial features luminescent-coated sward-shaped minutes and baton-shaped hour’s hands, Arabic numeral hour markers, and hour indices, and indicated central hours and minutes functions.

A stylish, reliable timekeeping companion for any modern man, the new Magrette Te Manaia Watch accommodates a self-winding mechanical movement, the ETA caliber 2842, which incorporates 23 jewels, and which provides optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

Moreover, the timepiece embraces the wrist with a classy black leather strap, with individualizing red stitching, and red inner side; as far as the price of the model is concerned, we expect it will cost somewhere around $1,585.00, plus an additional $300 for worldwide shipping.

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