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Dec 4

Luminox Navy Seal 3001

        Relatively a newcomer in the exclusive world of Haute Horology, launched 1989 by Barry Cohen, Luminox is an American watch-making company specialized in producing extremely reliable timepieces for the US Navy SEALs or other military groups, but they also produce high-quality wristwatches available for the public.

        The Luminox timepieces outstand trough their highly innovative Luminox Light Technology, which insures an independent light source, up to 100 times brighter than that of traditional watches. This vanguard technology was first patented in Switzerland and consists in inserting in the watch’s hands and hour markers tiny glass tubes filled with gaseous tritium which interacts with phosphor, create a powerful light source making the timepiece suited for situations which involve partial or complete absence of light, whether diving, military operations or just night vision.

        Above all Luminox Light Technology doesn’t require prior exposure to light or charging batteries while it confers an outstanding, powerful light source doomed to ensure up to 25 years of continual illumination.

        Worldwide known for its privileged partnership with the US military, and Special Forces, Luminox introduced a brand new model – the Luminox Navy Seal 3001, a powerful, military-inspired model, which pays tribute to the Original Navy SEALs Dive wristwatch that brought international notoriety to the brand – the first timepiece created by Luminox for the US Navy SEALs.

        Maybe one of the most popular models of the brand, the Luminox Navy Seal 3001 is a reasonably priced wristwatch, and, although manufactured from, some would say, inexpensive materials, the timepiece confers remarkable sturdiness, and reliability. It features a robust case measuring 43 mm in diameter, manufactured from a solid polymer, and a unidirectional ratcheting bezel. The black, Spartan dial features Arabic numeral hour markers, the brand’s logo accented in vibrant red, beneath the 12 o’clock position and, located at 3 o’clock, a small date aperture, moreover it is shielded by a mineral hardened crystal glass. The timepiece is secured to the wrist with a soft, comfortable but resistant PU dive strap, and it is also fitted with the highly innovative Luminox Light Technology which confers the watch 25 years of unmatched time legibility in partial or complete absence of light.

        Reuniting the basic qualities of a wristwatch manufactured for the US army- outstanding accuracy, reliability, optimal timekeeping, simplicity and perfect time legibility in any light conditions, the model is, due to its vanguard light technology, a perfect diving watch, bound to resist up to 200 meters beneath the sea surface.

        Due to its pretty accessible price of $295.00, Luminox Navy Seal 3001 will surely be a coveted horological item, desired by many enthusiast divers.

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