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Dec 9

Luminox SR-71 Blackbird 9000s

        Created in 1989 by Barry Cohen, Luminox is an American watch-making company specialized in producing extremely reliable timepieces for the US Navy SEALs or other military groups, but they also produce high-quality wristwatches available for the public.

         The brand’s success story, well exemplified by the saying- necessity is the mother of invention, started with a visionary entrepreneur, already working in the watch-making industry, who understood that in this branch, the key of success is either belonging to a Swiss prestigious heirloom of watchmakers or providing the ultimate technological innovations coupled with exceptional quality. Barry Cohen intuited the need of timepieces defined by extremely good time legibility in poor or no light conditions, and he implemented a Swiss innovatory system, now called Luminox Light Technology, which uses tiny glass tubes filled with gaseous tritium and phosphor to create an independent light source for the watches’ hands and hour markers making them suited to be used in different situations which involve partial or complete absence of light, whether diving, military operations or just night vision. Above all Luminox Light Technology doesn’t require prior exposure to light or charging batteries while it confers a light source up to 100 times more intense that the average luminescent timepieces.

        Internationally famous for its privileged partnership with the US army, Luminox introduced a brand new watch line with powerful military-inspired design – Luminox Blackbird 9000s is a robust collection which pays a great tribute to the legendary SR-71 Blackbird jet retired in the 90s by the US Air Force.

        The collection comprises stealthy looking, sporty timepieces characterized by superb functionality and immaculate precision, among the most appreciated we have to mention, the Luminox Blackbird 9002, a sturdy black PVD-coated stainless steel model fitted with a masculine case measuring 42 mm in diameter, and with an inner rotating bezel, the Luminox Blackbird 9022, animated by a 23- jewel, Swiss Quartz movement, it is equipped with 3 chronograph counters and an outstanding 4 years battery, moreover the most popular timepiece of the line, Luminox Blackbird 9032 an exquisite timepiece animated by a petite multi-jewel Swiss Quartz movement, individualized by the presence of a small 24 hours, Quartz module for an additional time zone, imbedded in the model’s bracelet beneath the 6 o’clock position. This ingenious design of a GMT wristwatch ensures perfect time legibility of the main dial.

        The watches of the Luminox Blackbird 9000s Collection are also, shock and water proof, and come with a 4-year lithium battery, the iconic Luminox Light Technology, which ensures 25-year-illumination-system, warranted for 10 years, all for a price ranging around $1,000.00.

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