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Jul 15

Luminox Black OPS Carbon 8800 Series

       A remarkable typical American success story, Luminox is a watch-manufacturer created, by a visionary entrepreneur, Barry Cohen, in 1989. Already powerfully involved in the watch-making industry Cohen brought to life an innovative watch-concept that relies on a Swiss developed, revolutionary illumination system that confers a very powerful light, an extremely valued quality if we consider the needs of professional divers, those who have to work in poor light conditions, or have eyes problems inherent in old age.

       Nevertheless, the brand is internationally known for its privileged partnerships with the US Navy SEALs and other military groups that highly appreciate the quality, reliability and impeccable precision of the timepieces produced by Luminox.

       Recently the brand enriched its iconic Land watch Collection with another sophisticated watch line, fateful to the brand’s venturous heritage- the remarkable Black Ops Carbon Series 8800, an ideal timekeeping companion for any outdoorsman, keen on challenging nature and himself.

       The watch features a robust case, measuring 45 mm in diameter, manufactured from a polymer compound, similar to that of the brand’s first timepieces released in 1989. However, the material, a high-tech extra hard carbon-reinforced polymer, suffered a lot of improvements over the years, being considerably strengthened, in order to confer the optimal resistance in any given conditions. The robust architecture of the case incorporates a double gasket crown, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a hardened mineral crystal, and it confers a remarkable 200-meters water resistance, making the timepiece suitable even for professional diving.

       The model features a sporty powerful dial, available in four variations, performed in earthly hues, with vivid orange and red accents on the dial and the second’s hands; furthermore, it features Arabic numeral hour markers, and luminescent hour indices. The watches ensure a remarkably powerful luminosity, owed to the – Luminox Light Technology. This system incorporates, in the timepieces’ components that were traditionally treated with luminescent substances (hour hands, hour markers, etc.), tiny glass tubes filled with gaseous tritium, which chemically reacts with. Furthermore, Luminox Light Technology does not require prior exposure to sunlight or charging batteries while it provides a light source up to 100 times more intense that of an average luminescent timepiece for a guaranteed 25 years period.

       The watch is animated by a high quality Quartz movement, which ensures central hours, minutes and seconds functions as well as date function presented through a small aperture located at 3 o’clock.

       Especially created to meet the needs of a contemporary man, with an adventurous life-style, the new Black Ops Carbon Series 8800, comes matched with a comfortable black rubber strap, and it will be available for an approximate price tag around $500.00.

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