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Sep 16

Longines Legend Diver

        With 175 years of complete dedication to tradition, quality and elegance behind it, the Longines brand is still one of the most remarkable brands in the watch making industry. Being established in almost 130 countries, the reputation of this brand is indisputable as the Longines’ new timepieces manage to impress the audiences, by the successful combination between keeping the tradition alive and exploring modern trends.

        In a traditional manner and using as an inspiration one of the classic diving watches introduced by Longines back in the 1960’s, Longines has come up with the new Longines Legend Diver, a watch that celebrates the old times and proves that Longines is proud of the 175 years of history, creativity and watch manufacturing artistry.

         This watch is dedicated to the sportsmen, those who are not afraid of adventure and exploration. Especially created for professional divers, the new Longines Legend Diver has an impressive water resistance of 300 meters, being absolutely appropriate for adventurous diving experiences in the depths of the ocean.

        This watch is made of a robust stainless steel case covered with scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The case back is not transparent, as we are used to see at most of the Longines watches, but made of solid stainless steel and decorated with a symbol imitating a diver. The size of the case is of 42 mm in diameter and it’s also equipped with internal turning diving bezel and 2 screwed-in crowns.

        The Longines Legend Diver watch uses an L633 self-winding movement, providing not only accuracy, but also a power reserve of 38 hours. I’d say the new Longines Legend Diver has enough power reserve for those who want to explore the depths of the ocean, unless it’s worn by a mermaid.

        The black dial of the watch is decorated with luminescent indexes and silvered hands, providing a sport, yet elegant look. Also, the dial displays hours, minute and second functions. The logo of the Longines brand couldn’t miss and so this Longines Legend Diver watch displays the emblem of the watch just under the 12 o’clock position, while the specification Automatic is located in the opposite direction, at the 6 o’clock position.

        It seems that nowadays our culture has been more and more preoccupied with vintage items, in a quest for identity, tradition and sense of belonging. This Longines Legend Diver is a tribute to the old times, to the old perceived as quality, good taste, simplicity, and non-opulence. Being created in a unique vintage spirit, this watch has proven to be very successful in the eyes of the watch connoisseurs.

        The black-focused look is completed by the black synthetic strap with stamped buckle. For those in search of simplicity and elegance, and in search of functionality and precision this new Longines Legend Diver might prove to be what you’re looking for. Not only that the reputation of the Longines brand will guarantee the success of your choice, this watch will turn out to be the best accessory on your wrist.

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