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Oct 18

Longines GrandeVitesse

        Rooted in the 1832 Switzerland, Longines is a renowned watch-making brand which carries on of well-grounded of almost two centuries, tradition of designing sporty timepieces of unmatched beauty and elegance bounded with Swiss exceptional precision. Their horological products are characterized, at the same time by sobriety and robustness, comprising in their dual nature the optimal blend of precision and sophistication.

        Longines’s mastery, draws upon the Swiss prestigious technological blood linage and it has been traditionally associated with the world of sports which demands the accuracy of the thousand part of a second, or even less, but also a clear individual style which carries on the sporty attitude of competitions conveying the timepiece into a pure statement of sublime forms and free spirit.

        The new Longines GrandeVitesse line is characterized by the unmistakable elegance and classy sophisticated style, the two major aesthetical directions emblematic for Longines; it comprises powerful models defined by stylish fluidity and aerodynamic curves inspired by the adrenalin-inflicting impassionate world of racing cars.

        Notorious for implementing the latest technological advancements, Longines creates in Longines GrandeVitesse collection, more than the standard luxury wristwatches it reveals instruments of unmatched precision designed to time world speed records.

        The models feature a classy round case manufactured from satin-polished, stainless steel, measuring 42 mm in diameter, which emanates masculinity and dynamism. As for the fascinating mechanisms hidden inside we must mention that the Longines GrandeVitesse models are animated by impeccable-precision automatic chronographs equipped with mechanical movements.

        In the Racing models, the design of the dial conserves the sports automotives reminiscences in the oversized 12 Arabic numeral hour marker inspired by the shape of the numbers used to mark racing cars. They also feature either silver sunray, black or chocolate dials, meanwhile the Classic models are fitted with black, midnight-blue, opaline silver or rhodium-plated dials. Longines designers have used a warm chestnut shade for dial the Cavalier models.

        The sporty look is accented by the non-slip sturdy crown and pushers; reaching the highest level of aesthetical purity of detail and craftsmanship, Longines GrandeVitesse models are fitted with stainless steel bracelets or elegant leather straps and they come with a price of approximately $2,250.00.

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