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Aug 27

Longines Conquest Ceramic

        With an indisputable reputation behind it, the Longines brand of watches continues its journey towards success by creating unique timepieces of significant value. A watch designed by Longines is not only an instrument to wear on your wrist; it’s also evidence of history, culture and tradition. Being on the market for so many years, for almost 175 years now, the brand has survived the test of time and quality, more than that, it has proven itself to be working in the service of elegance, style and innovation.

        A progressive brand that has never disappointed its customers in terms of design and functionality, which has met all the contemporary expectations regarding innovation and precision, the Longines brand, can only occupy the highest position amongst the leaders of the watchmaking industry. Their products scream good taste, sophistication and long term expertise. Enjoying a great deal of appreciation amongst the connoisseurs, the watches presented by Longines are generally viewed as collectibles, because they display such interesting qualities in terms of design and use such advanced technology in terms of mechanism.

        The collection of Longines Conquest Chronograph watches is mainly based on sporty designs, featuring creative lines and materials accompanied by the finest technology. For the new Longines Conquest Chronograph Ceramic the designers from Longines have chosen a rather peculiar material, the ceramic. By using only the finest quality of ceramic they have managed to push aesthetics to its limits. This watch presents the successful combination between traditional materials and innovative ones and the way they merge into creating something of the most desirable unconformity.

        Sporty, yet glamorous in appearance, the new Longines Conquest Chronograph Ceramic hints towards adventure and movement. The ceramic is used with great creativity to complete the design of the watch. We can find ceramic blending with the stainless steel material in the bracelet, while the dial and bezel are all made out of ceramic. The ceramic and the stainless steel make up a perfect match for the design of this Longines Conquest Chronograph Ceramic, while its design hides underneath a self-winding chronograph, or a three hand movement one.

        Regarding the design of the watch, it’s not enough to mention that it uses ceramic as a main visual focus. The ceramic used can come in three versions, white, black or grey and no matter the color choice this material is of the finest quality, being also non allergic and scratch proof. The contrast between the elegant stainless steel and the ceramic pleases the eye, while the mechanism employed fulfils the requirements of the advanced technology used by the watch manufacturing. Also, other elements of interest on this Longines Conquest Chronograph Ceramic watch are the 41 mm case made of stainless steel, the date window located at the 3 o’clock position, the small seconds dial at the 9 o’clock position and its water resistance of almost 300 meters.

        This Longines Conquest Chronograph Ceramic watch is one of the best models ever presented by Longines and I’m sure that it’s worn with great pride by its owners. Come and join now the Longines family by acquiring this sporty progressive watch. Its retail price is somewhere around $ 2,250 and it’s worth buying it.

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