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Sep 13

Longines Column Wheel Chronograph

        Ever since 1878, Longines has put great efforts into creating unique timepieces that would pass the test of time. This vision has been achieved as nowadays Longines is one of the best selling brands of our modern times. As a celebration to the various timepieces created by Longines during its history, Longines has now created a watch that is equipped with a very special caliber. The innovative concept of this caliber was mandated and financed by Longines and other brands belonging to the Swatch Group, with the hope of creating something of great importance and utility in the world of watch manufacturing.

        A technical innovation indeed, the self-winding mechanical movement is activated with the help of a column-wheel chronograph mechanism. The name of the caliber is L.688.2 (ETA A08.231) and is made of 27 jewels, which generate 28,800 vibrations per hour. The power reserve of this new Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph is quite impressive, 55 hours.

        The movement of the new Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph is sheltered by a classic case from the Heritage Collection, a case whose design hints to elegance and tradition. The 40 mm in diameter case is made of stainless steel and the back of the case is transparent, made of sapphire crystal, allowing whoever might be interested to admire the movement of this watch.

        The case features a silvered dial, contrasting with the gold plated hands and the gold-plated applied hour symbols. Amongst the functions displayed by this watch we can mention: the hour, minutes and small seconds indicators, the date function, the chronograph, the 30 minutes continuous action counter and the 12 hour continuous action counter.

        Although classic in design, this watch represents the successful combination between tradition and technical innovation. Longines 175 years of history and tradition have proven to be worth it as the brand is continuously focusing on creating different designs and innovative technical elements that can meet the requirements of our contemporary times. Both classic and contemporary, this watch is the symbol of perfection in the watch making artistry. The new Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph is a watch which deserves the attention of all watch connoisseurs, being desired on every wrist and on any occasion.

        Longines is very professional in every aspects of the so called watch industry and so there’s no surprise at all that Longines is amongst the leaders of the market. Its unique timepieces never stay for a long time on the shelves of the Points of Sale where Longines distributes them, because they are sold quickly due to their quality, their elegant designs and their functionality. Always a good investment, a watch made by Longines can easily pass for a collectible. This new Longines Column-Wheel Chronograph makes no exception, as it reflects effortlessly the core values of the Longines brand.

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