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Aug 25

Longines Aviation Heritage SS

        With a history of more than 175 years behind, the Longines brand has managed through its watch making expertise to become one of the most popular and respectable brands. Established in 1832 in Switzerland, Longines is now present in more than 130 countries and has become a worldwide known brand. The motto behind this brand is “elegance is an attitude” and the creations presented by Longines so far have impressed the audiences through their elegant designs and innovative mechanisms.

Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens Picture

        By designing the Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens watch, Longines has stated one more time its credo as values such as innovation, quality, style and fashion are being cherished at their highest level. A sports-oriented brand, Longines is famous for its participation to the most important events in the sports world. The Olympics, tennis games, formula one or even aeronautics are just some of the sport events where Logines was present, providing them with the precision time keeping equipment.

        The new Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens watch is a watch of a breathtaking beauty for the connoisseurs and the fans of wristwatches worldwide. Its beautiful design shows that Longines is interested in bringing back the old elegant, yet simple look. The elegant stainless steel case matches perfectly the dark blue stitched in white thread strap and this design choice was of a great effect as the whole design is very refined and distinguished. The time indicators are clearly legible as they come on a dark blue color against a silver dial. The contrast between the dial and the time indicators is beautiful and classy, while to add unity to the whole design its creators have chosen to synchronize the color of the hands with the color of the strap. The design of this watch manages to impress even the most pretentious of us and it’s like a tribute to aesthetics with its cleverly chosen colors and its structured lines.

        Although impressive in appearance, this is not the only attribute of this unique timepiece. This beautiful design hides underneath one of the most accurate and professional mechanisms. The first thing that catches your eye is the stainless steel flouted crown that adds a traditional touch to this watch. It shouldn’t come as a surprise the fact that Longines was the fist company to manufacture a watch with crown winding way back in 1880 and we all know that every powerful brand is fond of its first used elements. This Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens watch uses a movement controlled by 37 jewels supported by the Swiss automatic Chronograph, famous for its precision. All these can be seen through the transparent back. Also, amongst other qualities this watch possesses are its power reserve of 42 hours and the water resistance of 100 meters depth. Not only beautiful, but functional this Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens is a timepiece to count on.

        It doesn’t matter if you’re buying it as a gift or as a collectible item because the simple fact that you’re interested in purchasing such a unique timepiece shows a great deal of appreciation for quality, art and good taste. Being awarded with many prizes along the years, Longines still celebrates its passion for complicated mechanisms and impressive designs and by buying a watch from this brand you can be sure you’re entering into the right family. The retail price for a Longines Aviation Heritage SS Mens watch is around $1,950.00.

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