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Oct 16

Longines Lindbergh

        Serving precision elegance and sports since 1832, as its official portrait states it, Longines is a watch-making company emerged over 175 years ago, in St Imier Switzerland, which carries on of well-grounded tradition of designing sporty timepieces of unmatched beauty which are in itself the embodiment of exceptional precision, aesthetic perfection and sobriety.

        Characterized, at the same time by sobriety and robustness, comprising in their dual nature the optimal blend of precision and sophistication, Longines’s chronographs reach the highest level of aesthetically purity of detail and watch-making craftsmanship.

         Longines’s mastery, draws upon the Swiss prestigious technological blood linage and it has been traditionally associated with the world of sports which demands the accuracy of the thousand part of a second, or even less, but also a clear individual style which carries on the sporty attitude of competitions conveying the timepiece into a pure statement of sublime forms and free spirit.

        Nevertheless, the winged hourglass Longines logo is rooted in another profound intertwining of the brand with the fascinating world of aviation, and Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle is an emblematic model which pays tribute to the first uninterrupted Trans-Atlantic flight, made in 1927, when the bold aviator Charles Lindbergh, performed, on board a single-engine aircraft a 33 hours flight between Roosevelt Field, New York, and Le Bourget, Paris. Accompanying the audacious aviator on board of The Spirit of St. Louis was the first Longines, Hour Angle Watch, a timepiece which belongs to the historical patrimony of the world.

        Later on, Longines continued to improve this Lindbergh Hour Angle but preserved its unmistakable elegance and classy appearance, both iconic for Longines.

        The timepiece that marks the fruitful partnership between Longines and Lindbergh sums up the basic qualities of an ideal wristwatch: precision, sobriety and robustness, and makes a clear statement about its owner’s impeccable taste and refinement.

        Measuring 47.5 mm in diameter, the sturdy case of the timepiece is manufactured either from stainless steel or yellow gold, and its engraved back opens in order to allow a curios eye to gaze through a translucent sapphire crystal, on the fascinating Longines caliber L699 a self-winding mechanical movement.

        Lindbergh Hour Angle also features a lacquered white dial , fitted with blued steel “Breguet”-styled hour hands, black painted Roman numerals and double minute tracks along with the blue painted Arabic numeral degrees. Also a central rotating dial enables the watch to indicate longitude in conjunction with the rotating bezel. This marvelous piece has a 42-hours power reserve and is secured on the wrist by an elegant brown leather strap; it can withstand up to 30 meters underwater and comes with a price tag of approximately $11,000 for the gold edition.

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