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Apr 12

Longines Master Collection Retrograde Moon Phases Automatic

The new Master Collection Retrograde Moon Phases automatic watch comes with a silvered or black dial with rhodium and blued hands respectively. There are Roman or Arabic numerals, while the hour and minute hands are leaf-shaped. Continue reading

  Dec 23

Longines DolceVita L5.502.0.71.6

     A superb feminine model, bound to bring a plus of style and elegance to any attire, the new Longines Dolce Vita L5.502.0.71.6 Watch accommodates a top-quality quartz movement, which confers optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability. Continue reading

  Jun 15

Longines Master Date L2.518.0.87.3 Ladies Watch

       One of the most beautiful lady’s models of the Master line, the eye-catching Longines Master Date L2.518.0.87.3 Ladies Watch emanates charm and femininity. The timepiece features a stylish, round stainless steel case, measuring 36 mm in diameter. Continue reading

  Jun 9

Longines Master GMT Date L2.631.4.70.3 Gents

       One of the most beautiful models of Longines Master Collection, the eye pleasing, Longines Master GMT Date L2.631.4.70.3 Gents Watch demonstrates an unmistakable character and a real value, unfurling sleek masculine lines and sheer unpretentious elegance. Continue reading

  Jun 1

Longines Evidenza Chronograph L2.643.8.73.4 Gents

       Created for a self-assertive charismatic individual, the elegant Longines Evidenza Chronograph 2.643.8.73.4 Gents model, was inspired by the free-thinking and creative enthusiasm that characterized the 1920s, and retains the, highly popular at that time tonneau shape. Continue reading

  May 29

Longines Master L2.640.4.78.3 Gents

       One of the eye-pleasing members of the Longines Master Collection, Longines L2.640.4.78.3 Gents Watch is characterized by an unmistakable style, supreme beauty and refinement. Continue reading

  May 27

Longines HydroConquest Ladies L3.

       Mostly comprising timepieces dedicated to modern adventurous men the HydroConquest Collection also includes a couple of beautiful models dedicated to women, such as the superb, Longines HydroConquest Ladies L3. watch. Continue reading

  May 25

Longines Master Automatic Moon Phase L2.673.8.78.3

       Recently, the brand enriched the Master Collection with superb new models, performed in pink or yellow gold, and especially conceived for those who require genuine value and unique character. Among the most appreciated new models, we have to mention the superb Longines Master Automatic Moon Phase L2.673.8.78.3 Watch. Continue reading

  May 22

Longines Evidenza L2.

       One of the most beautiful models of the line, created to please a young and confident modern woman, the stylish Longines Evidenza L2. Watch is defined by timeless elegance and glamour. Continue reading

  May 18

Longines Sport Admiral Chronograph L3.666.4.56.0

       One of the most beautiful models of the Admiral collection, the superb Longines Sport Admiral Chronograph L3.666.4.56.0 masterfully combines style and substance, underlining the brand’s innate ability of endowing time-keeping accuracy and functionality with class and elegance. Continue reading

  May 16

Longines HydroConquest Chronograph L3.665.8.76.2

       One of the most beautiful models of the brand’s iconic HydroConquest Collection, the amazing Longines HydroConquest Chronograph L3.665.8.76.2 Diver’s Watch masterfully blends attitude, virile masculinity and immaculate performance. Continue reading

  Jan 2

Longines PrimaLuna L8. Watch

     A model, which emanates elegance and sophistication, the new Longines PrimaLuna L8. Watch features a classy round stainless steel case, which demonstrates a stylish satin-polished finish, and which measures 30 mm in diameter. Continue reading

  Oct 30

Longines Master Collection Moon Phases

        Longines Master Collection, Moon Phases Ladies’ Watch is among the most sophisticated models of this collection, which combines watch-making artisanship with timeless elegance and refinement, resulting thus a timepiece created to meet the increasing demands of Longines’ sophisticated feminine public. Continue reading

  Oct 18

Longines GrandeVitesse

        The new Longines GrandeVitesse line is characterized by the unmistakable elegance and classy sophisticated style, the two major aesthetically directions emblematic for Longines; it comprises powerful models defined by stylish fluidity and aerodynamic curves inspired by the adrenalin-inflicting impassionate world of racing cars. Continue reading

  Oct 16

Longines Lindbergh

        Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle is an emblematic model which pays tribute to the first uninterrupted Trans-Atlantic flight, made in 1927, when the bold aviator Charles Lindbergh, performed, on board a single-engine aircraft a 33 hours flight between Roosevelt Field, New York, and Le Bourget, Paris. Continue reading

  Sep 27

Longines Sport Collection

        New and remarkable watches have been added to the Longiness Sport Collection in 2009, watches that follow the Longines’ vision for creating exquisite timepieces, but without breaking the brand’s core values, which are: elegance, tradition and sport. Continue reading

  Sep 16

Longines Legend Diver

        Longines Legend Diver is dedicated to the sportsmen, those who are not afraid of adventure and exploration. Especially created for professional divers, the new Longines Legend Diver has an impressive water resistance of 300 meters, being absolutely appropriate for adventurous diving experiences in the depths of the ocean. Continue reading





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