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Jan 15

Linde Werdelin Watch – The One Steel Silver Dial Watch

One of the most youthful members of today luxury watchmaking industry, Linde Werdelin was created a couple of years ago, by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, two ambitious Danes entrepreneurs, who understood that in this competitive industry, innovation is the key of success, and who introduced the watch-instrument concept, which takes the traditional sports watch at a completely new level.

The idea that joined these two creative minds came in the winter of 1996, when John Werdelin almost died in a ski accident, which made him realize that his misfortune could have been easily avoided if he would have been equipped with an appropriate instrument, capable of warning him about a series of factors, of crucial importance.

After years of study and development, the two came up with the perfect combination between the Swiss mechanical craftsmanship and the outburst of functionalities, conferred by a digital instrument, thus bringing to life a new generation of sports watches.


Recently the brand enriched Linde Werdelin the One Watch Collection, one of its most impressive lines, with another sophisticated new addition, the remarkable Linde Werdelin the One Steel and Silver Dial Watch, a sporty timepiece that emanates strength and powerful masculine individuality.

The model features the brand’s signature sporty case, performed in brushed stainless steel, which measures 46 mm x 49 mm, and 12 mm in thickness, and which incorporates 2.2 mm, both-sides glare-proof coated sapphire crystal and a screw-in crown, and confers 300-meters water tightness.

Furthermore, the watch demonstrates a sporty white dial, completed with rhodium-plated hour indexes treated with luminescent substances, same as the model’s sharp, diamond-cut hours and minute’s hands.
At the heart of the eye-catching bold Linde Werdelin the One Steel and Silver Dial Watch beats a high-performance, self-winding mechanical movement, the ETA 2892- A2 Caliber, which ensures central hours, minutes and seconds functions and a small date complication located at 4 o’clock.


Especially designed to accompany an audacious modern man in his fascinating adventures, the new Linde Werdelin the One Steel and Silver Dial Watch embraces the wrist with a stylish light brown leather strap, and can be combined with the brand’s high-functionality sea or land instruments. In addition, we expect that the model’s price will be somewhere around $4,000.00 and that of the optional instrument will range between $1,400.00 up to $4,200.00.

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