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Dec 31

Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Racing Red Watch

A youthful watch-making brad, with a promising future in the competitive world of the fine watchmaking industry, Linde Werdelin was created by two ambitious entrepreneurs and good friends- the Danes Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, who launched a pioneering concept- the watch instrument, especially crested for true professionals.

The idea for this revolutionary concept emerged after an unfortunate accident, when John Werdelin, an impassionate mountaineer, ventured off-piste in the Swiss Alps, was caught by surprise by bad weather and almost lost his life, felling off a cliff. That is when he realized the need for a sophisticated instrument, which would keep the skier in tough with very important parameters, which could mean the difference between life and death.


He turned to his friend Morten Linde, and together, they developed the outstanding watch-instrument concept, which blends the clean masculine style of a traditional sports watch, with complexity of a digital detaching instrument.

Especially designed to meet the needs of a venturous world traveler, the eye-catching new Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Racing Red Watch, is a remarkable limited edition of only 9 pieces worldwide, which enriches the brand’s daring, Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Watch Collection.


The model features a powerful stainless steel case, measuring 46 mm x 49 mm, and 12 mm in thickness, which demonstrates a sporty sophisticated architecture, emphasized by the nice combination of angles, brushed surfaces and accenting red screws. The case incorporates 24-hours bidirectional-rotating bezel, which enables the watch’s owner to keep accurate track of three distinctive time zones; the case also incorporates a glare proof 2.2 mm thick, sapphire crystal, and confers a reliable 300-meters water resistance.

A more stylish timepiece, suited for any fashionable occasion, the sophisticated Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Racing Red Watch features an interesting galvanic black dial, with silver sun ray print, nicely completed with rhodium plated hour indices treated with luminescent substances, same as the watch’s diamond-cut sharp hours and hands. Moreover, the model displays the time in three independent time zones, and displays a date complication at 4 o’clock.


At the heart of the new Linde Werdelin 3 Timer Racing Red Watch, beats a top-quality self-winding mechanical movement, the ETA 2893 – A2 Caliber, which confers optimal timekeeping accuracy and reliability.

Furthermore, an interesting fashionable piece, the watch embraces the wrist with a black pointed calfskin leather strap, with individualizing red details, and stitching; as far as the price tag goes, we expect it to be around $7,500.00, plus the costs of either the brand’s high-functionality sea, or land instruments, expected to cost between $1,400.00 and $4,200.00.

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