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Dec 2

JeanRichard Paramount Time Square

        JeanRichard is a prestigious watch-making brand and, the direct heir of the first Swiss master watchmaker – Daniel Jeanrichard, the creator of fundamental watch-making tools and machinery, a man who has drawn the guiding lines of this profession, back in the late 17th century, JeanRichard name synonymous with luxury, stellar artisanship, seductive contemporary design and perpetual renewal and innovation.

        Remaining true to its maker’s life-guiding principle, this powerhouse created along the centuries, many timepieces defined by immaculate precision and timeless elegance, such as the new Paramount Time Square from JeanRichard, a remarkable timepiece inspired by New York’s legendary Time Square. As a highly innovative, individualizing feature of this watch, we have to mention that the hour display follows a square trajectory instead of traditionally moving around the circular dial.

        The eye-catching-model is equipped with three-pointed red, blue and black rotating hour indicators which travel along the sides of the square; this astounding trajectory has been developed by implementing the principle of hypocycloids, uniting the wheelwork and a set of planetary gears.

        JeanRichard ParamountTime Square features a delicate 36.3 x 36.3 mm case, manufactured from brushed stainless steel fitted with titanium shafts and crown creating the optimal combination between classy elegant aesthetics and mechanical sophistication. The model demonstrates the emblematic Bauhaus-style lines, an ample black varnished matt dial which reveals the splendid bridges decorated with sunburst guilloche motif, pleasing the eye through their masterful game of symmetries.

        At the core of the new JeanRichard Paramount Time Square beats a new-developed JR1100 a self-winding mechanical movement which provides a 48 hours power reserve and can be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case-back.

        A sublime technical masterpiece, outstanding through the mechanical sophistication but also through the distinguished design, the new JeanRichard Paramount Time Square will surely impress the enthusiast watch-connoisseurs and its price of $8,750.00 will surely be considered fair.

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