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Dec 5

JeanRichard Chronoscope ‘Brutale’ MV Augusta

        The prestigious watch-making powerhouse, JeanRichard emerged in the cradle of today’s Haute Horology, in La Sagne between the Swiss towns of Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains back in the 17th century.

        This brand was founded by the greatest Swiss watchmaker of all times- Daniel Jeanrichard, who at only 15 years, managed to mend a timepiece brought from England and, copying its structure manufactured the very first Swiss watch, therefore giving birth to a long heirloom of master watchmakers. Through the years, JeanRichard became a name synonymous with stellar artisanship, remarkable technical innovations and contemporary elegance.

        In order to celebrate a fruitful partnership with MV Agusta motorcycle, the skilled watchmaker introduced another astounding collection inspired by the virile, adrenaline-inflicting world of motorbikes, just as its name suggests it- JeanRichard Chronoscope ‘Brutale’ Watch Collection, which pays a great tribute to two of the iconic lines of the motorbikes renowned manufacturer which bear the same name.

         The timepieces feature a robust masculine case measuring 43 mm in diameter, which was coated with a highly resistant rubber in order to enhance the watch’s sturdiness. The dial also features carbon fiber coating and it reveals three counters reminiscent of a motorcycle’s dashboard highlighted in red vibrant accents representing the MV Agusta motorbikes traditional colors.

        Defined by sporty powerful appeal, the models of the JeanRichard Chronoscope ‘Brutale’ Collection are animated by the in-house iconic hand-decorated JR1000 proprietary movement which can be admired through the exhibition case-back adorned with the MV Agusta’s logo.

        Daring, virile and powerful, the JeanRichard Chronoscope ‘Brutale’ Collection was widely acclaimed by the MV Agusta motorbikes enthusiast fans; the collection was produced in a limited edition of 290 timepieces in rubber and pink gold and 1078 rubber and titanium watches and come with an approximate price of $11,500.00 for the titanium models.

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