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Dec 6

JeanRichard Bressel Lady Watch

        Emerged in the cradle of today’s Haute Horology, in La Sagne between the Swiss towns of Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, in the Jura Mountains, this brand traces back its roots to the 17th century when it was founded by the greatest Swiss watchmaker of all times- Daniel Jeanrichard, who at only 15 years, managed to mend a timepiece brought from England and, copying its structure manufactured the very first Swiss watch, therefore giving birth to a long heirloom of master watchmakers.


        Nevertheless, up to this day a widely respected personality, Daniel Jeanrichard is not only the creator of fundamental watch-making tools and machinery, but also the master watchmaker who has drawn the basic guiding lines of this profession, ensuring that generations to come will receive valuable knowledge and perpetuate his principles.

        Today JeanRichard is a very prestigious name which embodies a centenary tradition of watch-making craftsmanship, a brand that creates astounding timepieces defined by immaculate precision and aesthetical perfection.

        Defined by timeless elegance and exquisite refinement, the new JeanRichard Bressel Lady Watch creates a harmonious expression of sensitivity and sheer beauty. Characterized by originality and pure emotional state of art, the model sublimely expresses the most elevated human feeling- love, which seems to transgress time.


        The delicate timepiece features a charming mother-of-pearl dial, which masterfully displays off-centered hours and minutes symbolizing the emotional flamboyant chaos created by love. A rose dainty sub-dial is secured by 4 glittering diamonds, emanating style and seductive femininity. The timepiece features various horological complications which highlight its original geometry; the small seconds are positioned at 7 o’clock, the power-reserve indicator is sublimed into a curved arrow located between 4 and 5 o’clock.

         JeanRichard Bressel Lady Watch artistically incorporates into its design the phrase: Je t’aime, un peu, beaucoup, à la folie, passionately waving between the small seconds counter and power reserve. At the heart of this luxurious model beats the Manufacture JeanRichard mechanical self-winding JR1000, which can be admired through the sapphire case-back.

         Especially created for a romantic lady, JeanRichard Bressel Lady Watch merges contemporary surprising design with charming seductive elegance in order to please the most refined woman, and the total of 58 sparkling diamonds-1.16 karats and the eye-catching python leather strap, convert this timepiece in one of the most desirable horological items, bound to conquer any woman’s heart, no wonder it costs over $30,000.00.

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